Post-Construction Cleaning Services – Transform Chaos into Cleanliness

post construction cleaning va

Do you need post-construction cleaning services in Virginia? Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern Virginia can help! Construction projects are often complex and messy endeavors that can leave behind a trail of dust, debris, and waste. While the completion of a construction project is cause for celebration for the builder and the buyer, it also marks […]

A Commerical Pressure Washing Project: Manassas, VA

Pressure Washing Power Washing Manassas VA

Bright Exterior Cleaning – a full-service power and pressure washing company out of Northern Virginia – recently completed this commercial pressure washing project in Manassas, Virginia. The team led by owner Tyler Bunch was able to perform the exterior cleaning project after weeks of preparation and diligent planning. Large-scale pressure washing projects require meticulous planning […]

Commercial Power Washing Project: Warrenton, VA

power washing warrenton va

Welcome to Bright Exterior Cleaning, where we specialize in power washing commercial and residential properties. Below you can see the recent photos from a large commercial power washing project we completed in Warrenton, Virginia. This was a very technical project that required just as much planning and staging as it did actually cleaning the surfaces […]

Power Washing Pool Decks & Top Tips for Pool Deck Cleaning!

pool deck cleaning

Are you a homeowner or community manager who needs to clean your pool deck? When it comes to pool deck cleaning, most people will leave it up to power washing experts so the job is done correctly and lasts longer. As one of the leaders in commercial/professional pool deck cleaning, we understand the process thoroughly. […]

How Much Does Power Washing Cost? Should You Do It Yourself?

how much does power washing cost

When you think of the word “Power Wash,” it sounds like an effective way to clean tough stains and grime. But you might be wondering, how much does power washing cost? Think about it, Power + Wash = Life Made Easy! Power washing can be simple if you know what you’re doing, own a power […]

Dumpster Pad Power Washing & Cleaning – What to Know

dumpster pad cleaning

It’s safe to bet, that if you’re reading this article right now, you most likely have a dumpster. Typically, most who have a dumpster, have it sitting on a concrete pad, behind a building or on a driveway. And most likely, the dumpster is used for commercial business purposes (like a restaurant, gas station, store, […]

Pressure Washing: What to Look For in A Company

pressure washing near me

There is a high chance that you found this article because you are searching for a “Pressure Washing Company Near Me.” While we always let homeowners know that “Near me” is never too far for us, we also know that there is a high chance you’re looking to accomplish the following: Well, in today’s article, […]

Commercial Pressure Washing Buildings – What Does That Entail?

commercial pressure washing buildings

Commercial pressure washing buildings – what does that entail? Recently, the team at Bright Exterior Cleaning completed a commercial pressure washing job for a reputable saddlery company just outside of horse country, Middleburg, Virginia. Dover Saddlery is the premier vendor for riding apparel, horse tack, and horse-related things! As you will see below, the commercial […]

Hospital Cleaning: Keeping the Outside Clean & Safe

commercial pressure washing buildings

Exterior Hospital Cleaning – Stating the obvious – COVID-19 brought about significant changes to our lives – is a bit redundant at this point, and we get that. While there have been countless drawbacks to how we go about our daily lives since the onset of the 2020 Pandemic, one very apparent thing is that […]

5 Exterior Cleaning Service Tips for Property Managers

pressure washing property manager

The science experiment growing on the side of the HOA Building and on the community bridges are not by design… Similarly, the dark spots on the brick and roof of your commercial building are also not attractive for prospective customers. Both are the result of organic build-up and the impact of the weather/the sun over […]

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