Water Tower Cleaning – Power & Pressure Washing Guide

water tower cleaning

Water tower cleaning is an intense project that requires a professional team to help.  Some people fancy themselves as DIY folk. The kind that will rent a power washer on a weekend and knock out the patio, deck, fence, and front of their home. In the case of water tower cleaning, (Yes, the big giant […]

The 3 Simple Steps to Pressure Washing Your House

So you’re currently wondering how to pressure wash a house, right? Today we will cover just that. There are many components involved that we will discuss in an attempt to help you gain the exact specifics you will need. Our goal is to help you recognize whether or not it is pressure washing job you […]

Sidewalk, Curb, & Gutter Line Cleaning (Power Washing) – Why It Matters!

curb and gutter line cleaning

Chances are if you’re an HOA manager or property manager, you probably haven’t given much thought to power washing the sidewalk, curb, and gutter line.  Community sidewalks and the accompanying curbs are important for aesthetic purposes in addition to the very vital purpose they each serve. Sidewalks clearly delineate where pedestrians can walk or jog, […]

Restaurant Patio Cleaning & Sanitation – What to Know!

pressure washing fairfax

Do you own or manage a restaurant that has a patio in dire need of cleaning? Don’t worry, we got your back! Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning of NOVA, we know first impressions matter. But stains from drinks, gum, food, sauces, and mother nature have a unique way of seemingly always finding themselves on your […]

Commercial Power Washing – Spring Packages Are Here!

commercial power washing packages

Are you a property manager, small business owner, or someone who needs help with managing a commercial property? One of our biggest assets here at Bright Exterior Cleaning is helping those responsible for commercial properties keep the exterior and surrounding premises looking great! We can help determine the best needs whether you manage/own a restaurant, […]

How to Power Wash Your House in 3 Steps!

how to power wash your house

How to Power Wash Your House – When you think of the word “Power wash” it sounds like an effective way to clean! Power + wash = Life made easy! Sounds awesome right? Well, there’s some truth to that in many different ways, but there’s also some tips to take into account to ensure your […]

3 Places Were You Can Rent a Power Washer, Today!

where to rent a power washer

Where to rent a power washer – If you’re currently wondering where you can rent a power washer, today we are going to share with you the best steps to accomplish just that! Whether you just stepped outside for what seems like the first time in your life after being in quarantine mode forever with […]

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding – Is it Possible?

pressure washing vinyl siding

Today, we are going to answer the infamous question of, “Can I pressure wash my vinyl siding?” Believe it or not you don’t actually pressure wash your vinyl siding, what you do for cleaning siding is referred to as a “Soft House Wash.” A “Soft House Wash” in layman terms is an adjusted, low pressure […]

6 Things to Know About Starting Pressure Washing Businesses

pressure washing business

Sometimes I get the question, “How would I start my own pressure washing business?” Typically, this comes after a homeowner who has had experience working with a pressure washing business or they have even bought their very own pressure washer and they’re looking to supplement some income. It’s a fair question, but just like any […]

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