Solar Panel Cleaning: Getting Your Money’s Worth & What to Know!

solar panel cleaning info

Keeping your solar panels clean is vital to their performance. Finding a solar panel cleaning company is also not always easy to find! Solar panels are now an integral part of over 2 million American households, a clear indication of our shift towards sustainable and clean energy systems. Despite their increasing popularity, many are still […]

What to Look For in A Roof Soft Washing Company

roof soft washing near me

Are you looking for a roof soft washing company near me or more information about a roof soft wash? A lot of times, homeowners and business owners think that cleaning their roofs means pressure washing their roof. In reality, what they need is “Soft Wash Cleaning.” Today, the team at Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern […]

What is the Difference Between Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

soft washing vs pressure washing

Let’s go ahead and end the debate – there is a HUGE difference between pressure washing vs soft washing Oftentimes, when a homeowner is in search of exterior home cleaning, they search for a “Pressure or Power Washing” company, which is a standard term to use for the home washing industry. However, what many homeowners typically […]

Dirty Roof? How to Clean Roof Shingles 101

how to clean roof shingles

From time to time, we get asked by homeowners, “How do I clean my roof’s shingles?” Whether it is the black streaks they see on their roof, or perhaps some roof moss, a dirty roof is an eye sore! In fact, a roof is the largest exterior feature on a home and surveys show that […]

Got Moss on Your Roof? Here is How to Remove It!

roof moss removal

Do you have roof moss and need it removed? It is that time of the year again when you need to clean your roof! All the obvious things that need to be removed to ensure a successful roof and house cleaning: Leaves, Check! Sticks and branches that you are still wondering how they got stuck […]

The Best Tips for Finding a Roof Cleaning Company

roof cleaners near me

There is a very high likelyhood that the term “Roof Washing” or “Soft Roof Wash” is brand new to you. Understandably so, most homeowners use the general terms of pressure washing, power washing, and roof cleaners to describe any exterior cleaning service. However, if you visited our pressure washing learning center you may have discovered […]

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