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Looking for deck power washing or fence power washing in the Northern, VA area?
Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning – we love helping homeowners and small business owners keep their decks and entertainment areas clean and looking new! Or, if you happen to have a vinyl fence or a wood fence that is beginning to show it’s age – we can help you pressure wash your fence to restore it to a close original state! Learn more here!

Deck & Fence Pressure Washing Services

Wood decks and fences look great when they are installed. However, not long after getting your new deck or fence, aging sets in, making your once brand new deck or fence look extremely old. Lucky for you the team at Bright Exterior Cleaning can take care of that!

Deck Pressure Washing

Whether you have a Trex, vinyl, or wood deck – cleaning the surface of your deck will restore your deck to looking new in a matter of hours. Depending on your deck’s surface, we use a variety of proven techniques to help clean your deck and rid it of organic build-up, moss, and spots just in time for your summer BBQ’s!

Fence Pressure Washing

Tired of your fence looking green, dingy and old?

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The science experiment like the photo below isn’t a good look on your fence. A wood fence can age in less than a year and staining it every 2-4 years is just a tedious and arduous task.

However, what you can do is have your fence washed every few years (we make the best recommendation whether that is power washing, pressure washing, or other services) to keep your home’s curb appeal and your fence lasting longer!

Whether you have vinyl, metal or wood, Bright Exterior can make your fence look new again in a matter of hours!

See how we can help you, simply reach out below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Be sure to check out all of our additional services here!

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We find effective solutions to make sure the outside of your home or buisness looks great, and we do it with care!

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Power Washing takes a pro. We take our craft seriously and help our commercial & residential clients understand our process first.

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The exterior of a building can consist of a variety of building materials, thus, requiring a variety of washing methods unique to each property.

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From your home to your business, the outside always needs to look top-notch, so you will want to ensure you capitalize on the right pressure washing services!

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