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Restaurant Patio Cleaning & Sanitation – What to Know!

Do you own or manage a restaurant that has a patio in dire need of cleaning?

Don’t worry, we got your back! Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning of NOVA, we know first impressions matter. But stains from drinks, gum, food, sauces, and mother nature have a unique way of seemingly always finding themselves on your restaurant patios and walkways.

During the summer months, many patrons love sitting outside and enjoying a beverage or dinner, but a dirty patio can make that experience less delightful.

Today, we will share with you the ways we have been able to team up with restaurants to help keep their patios and walkways sparkling clean, sanitized, and looking fresh!

Comprehensive Exterior Patio Cleaning Services for Restaurants

commercial pressure washing

A pleasurable outdoor dining experience or cocktail with friends always starts the same way; chairs and people huddled around a table enjoying the company of one another.

It goes wrong when one of them steps in gum, spills a ramakin of ranch, or drops a drink. In all seriousness, all of these are not huge issues, but they do occur and require attention.

Patio and walkway surfaces can easily become stained and dirty after just one night, which is why many restaurants prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or at least monthly cleanings.

Typical patio and walkway pressure washing/cleaning consists of:

  1. Complete cleaning of trash and all debris.
  2. Blowing off the surface to get rid of sticks, leaves, etc.
  3. Pressure washing to remove stains, gum, food, and other grime.
  4. Other similar services include dumpster pad cleaning

These services are typically done during non-business hours making this one less headache the operator of a restaurant has to deal with!

Why Keep Your Outdoor Surfaces Clean

patio cleaning

The black paths formed by foot traffic only get worse with time. Stains and organic buildup do the same and actually build on one another. Taking more preventative measures to address these problems actually saves time and money.

After an initial patio pressure washing, maintenance is simple. Most of our customers elect to enroll in at least 1x per month cleaning to keep up with the aesthetics of their outdoor seating.

A quick list of the benefits of restaurant patio cleaning includes:

  • Aesthetically pleasing & appearance
  • Sanitized services are safer surfaces
  • Prevents rodents and insects attracted to drink and food spills
  • Removes sticky floor feeling & gum
  • Removes black traffic patterns on floors and patios
  • Maintains the life of pavers, wood decking, and cement patios/walkways

Why Pressure Washing

commercial power washing

What works better when you spray something off, a hose with a nozzle or just a normal hose? How about dishwashers, do they use warm or cold water?

Highly pressurized water with the element of heat (power washing) makes getting up tough stains, gum, and grime simple. Simply running a hose over a patio isn’t going to get the job done.

Some restaurant owners may elect to have staff members scrub patios or outdoor surfaces, but this takes time and usually doesn’t have a lasting impact. Luckily, we offer patio cleaning packages specifically for restaurants!

Patio Cleaning Packages

Maintaining any commercial property takes time or money, sometimes both. We strive to help you with both.

The average restaurant looking to outsource interior deep cleaning can expect to pay at least $85 per hour. Similarly, when considering the outside of the building – pressure washing costs can become pricey without regular maintenance.

That is why Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern, VA offer all restaurants cleaning packages that are:

  • Flexible
  • On your time schedule
  • Comprehensive
  • Efficient

Most elect to go with a bi-weekly cleaning plan during the peak seasons of April to October and a monthly service in the off months. However, more and more are preferring a regular weekly cleaning due to COVID-19 for sanitation purposes and with more outdoor dining occurring!

Final Word

By now you most likely get the point – sparkly clean is better than grime and grossness on your restaurant patio! Whether it is a wood deck surface or concrete, the preventative action of keeping it clean is vital.

We proudly serve and work with restaurants all across the Northern Virginia area and we have completed work in the following cities (just to name a few):

  • Gainesville
  • Haymarket
  • Manassas
  • Warrenton
  • Culpepper
  • South Riding
  • Chantilly
  • Fairfax
  • Ashburn
  • Centreville

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