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After the front door, the second thing people will notice about a home is it’s the biggest component – the roof!

Hopefully, when they see your roof it looks new and adds to your home’s curb appeal. But, don’t worry if it doesn’t, because Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern, VA is here to help you get your roof clean and looking good with our soft wash roof cleaning process!

Roof Wash by Bright Exterior!

Like what you see in this time-lapse video of a roof wash? See how we can help get you the curb appeal your home needs!

Why does your home need roof cleaning?

When you first got your home, the roof was most likely brand new. There were no streaks, spots, discoloration, or inconsistent organic debris built up on the roof instead. In fact – there wasn’t any bird droppings on your roof either!

However, over the years, your home’s largest surface area – the roof – begins to collect all of the above. Bird droppings, leaves, organic build-up, mildew, algae, mold all begin to leave spots, streaks, and discoloration!

Keeping your roof clean will help your home stand out and give it that “New Look,” with a roof soft wash. By removing those spots and streaks you can restore your roof to its original state.

Roof Soft Washing:

The Bright Exterior Cleaning team knows how big of an investment a new roof is. That’s why we tap into a no-pressure soft washing method that removes debris and dirt without exposing your shingles to wear and tear.

Using this method we can clean all types of roofs including asphalt, metal, slate, and more. Thus, providing a safe solution to your roof’s cleaning needs and helping you avoid costly roof replacements.

Our Roof Washing Services Include…

Similar to our house washing services, we employ a soft wash method that:

  • Utilizes our proprietary soap blend
  • Breaks down and removes mold, mildew, dirt, bird droppings, streaks, and spots that have built up on your roof.
  • Is no pressure cleaning, thus protecting your roof
  • The detergent mix sits and breaks down debris and stains
  • We softly rinse your roof with water taking extra care to protect your home and it’s surroundings or let mother nature (rain) do her job!

Working with Bright Exterior Cleaning you can count on a streamlined and simple process. From convenient scheduling to diligent services with a professional approach and exceptional rates feel free to inquire today about getting your home washed!

What does roof cleaning consist of?

While Bright Exterior Cleanin is a leader in Northeren, VA offering Pressure Washing and Power Washing Services – we also specialize in roof cleaning.

Environmentally speaking, the roof cleaning or roof washing process is very simple and designed to remove grime, stains, steaks, and other build-ups your roof collects.

Homeowners should never take a pressure washer to their roof, which is why we recommend leaving roof cleaning to the pros at Bright Exterior Cleaning!

Roof safety – both for the roof and the person are important to always consider as most roofs sit high off the ground! Trust us, asphalt roofing manufactures love it when you don’t power wash or pressure wash your roof!

And we love it when homeowners contact us about soft wash roof cleaning and stay of ladders!

Our soft wash roof cleaning process is ideal for all homes in Northern Virginia and we can do commercial roof cleaning too!

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