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Bright Exterior Cleaning (Virginia) Has A New Home

We have some exciting news to share… we have officially moved locations to Northern Virginia!

If you’re looking for Bright Exterior Cleanings location, you can now find us at:

11111 Lonsome Road, Nokesville, Va!

We proudly serve all of Northern, VA and for the best information with regards to our pressure washing service areas, check out our Service Area Page here.

Bright Exterior Cleaning is now officially operating in Northern Virginia and we’re super excited to hit the ground running. The home cleaning professionals are now in NOVA 🙂

On the other hand, it is sad to say goodbye to where it all got started – the New River Valley Area. The area, Christiansburg in particular, was home to our home exterior cleaning services for over 15 months and we loved developing relationships with the local community.

If you know anything about our story and how it all got started, making the decision to permanently relocate to Prince William County wasn’t an easy one. However, doing business in two areas of the state was becoming strenuous, so a permanent change was necessary.

While we are going to miss the beautiful scenery in the the southwest part of the state, the opportunity to help clients with their homes in Northern Virginia is thrilling.

Home Exterior Cleaning in NOVA

I will be the first to let you know that anytime you make an important decision to move, there is a natural tug in both directions.

  1. On one hand, saying goodbye to where Bright Exterior Cleaning was a hard decision
  2. Moving to another location can be somewhat intimidating

After trying to serve customers in both areas and after a lot of thought, we ultimately decided that making the permanent move to NOVA to offer our Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning services was the best move.

 power washing nova
Don’t try this at home 🙂

For starters, we wanted to better serve the population we love helping – homeowners and small business owners. Being split between two geographic locations was logistically challenging as our business grew.

Ultimately, it came down to knowing that long term the Prince William County and surrounding area was where we wanted to call home.

What’ next when it comes to cleaning & the community?

Now that we are officially relocated to Northern Virginia, we just want to let prospective customers know that you will find a small exterior cleaning business that actually cares about you and your needs.

The one thing that separates a place like NOVA and a place like Christiansburg is the hustle and bustle. Our number one goal is to continue to provide our personalized and tailored home cleaning services, but never lose the small-town feel.

We know that when it comes to getting your house washed, gutters cleaned or driveway power washed – there is plenty of competition out there.

But our #1 goal as we serve the community is to stand out with our personal touch, high-quality work, and custom packages for you. Our goal is also to give back and get involved with the local community.

(If you have a cause or community event this summer please let us know, we would love to discuss and see how we can help)

Let the summer (exterior cleaning) begin!

Now that it is summer, it’s the perfect time to make sure your outdoor living spaces are ready to go for all the summer fun. If you couldn’t tell, we are really excited about the move and we wanted to share a little bit about how it all happened.

To the folks who helped us get our start in Christiansburg – THANK YOU! If you ever need anything such as a referral or recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out!

For those of you located in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas, feel free to reach out below with any questions you might have!

~Tyler Bunch

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