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Pressure washing can be a pain.

Luckily, you found Bright Exterior Cleaning, which is one of the premier pressure washing companies in the Northern Virginia area, and we love helping Warrenton homeowners and businesses with their pressure washing needs!

We offer some of the best rates for our pressure washing services, we are locally owned and we would like to help you out with your next project, See our work below!

Pressure Washing in Action!

Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to clean grime and build-up! See how it works in this video!

Warrenton Pressure Washing Services We Offer:

With typical home maintenance routines consuming lot’s of our time, something like pressure washing is easy to hire out considering the low costs.

Additionally, when you hire a pressure washing company like Bright Exterior Cleaning, you don’t have to worry about renting the expensive pressure washing machine from your local hardware stores!

Instead, see how we can help keep your patio, deck, driveway, house – you name it – in tip-top shape and looking great by checking out our pressure washing services below:

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing uses pressurized water to remove dirt, grime, and organic build-up from exterior surfaces like driveways, decks, and hard surfaces, however, the water temperature is normal, it is just highly pressurized.


Using highly pressurized water (that we regulate) we can make any patio, sidewalk, commercial walkway – you name it – look great!


Let us help you get rid of oil stains, tire marks, organic build-up, grime from the winter months and other stains on your driveway!


Considering staining your fence? Be sure to pressure wash it first! This also means pressure washing your fence the right way!


Believe it or not, you don’t actually pressure wash your home! We do what is called a soft home wash! Learn more about the soft house wash process.

What is Pressure Washing is Ideal for?

Pressure washing is ideal for any homeowner, property manager, or commercial property owner who is looking to:

  • Clearing off walkways that have a build-up of dirt, grime, gum, oil stains, and organic material
  • Patios and driveways that are in need of some TLC
  • Decks or fences as they age or before staining
  • Any exterior cleaning such as playground sanitation, dumpster pas cleaning, around pools, outdoor furniture, asphalt, and other household cleaning needs that are outside!

See some of our Pressure Washing photos!

What to expect from a pressure washing company:

Working with Bright Exterior Cleaning you can count on a streamlined and simple process.

From convenient scheduling to diligent services with a professional approach and exceptional rates feel free to inquire today about getting your home washed!

Sometimes pressure washing companies near you might use pressure washing and power washing interchangeably, but the noticeable difference is power washing adds the element of heat to the water.

You can see our article here – Power Washing vs Pressure Washing which explains the key difference between the two. Part of what separates us from our competitors is our car and expertise for your home!

This includes:

  • Knowing the proper PSI and pressures for any pressure washing project
  • Prepping all exterior fixtures, cameras, and areas that shouldn’t get wet
  • Watering landscaping as we complete a house wash
  • Always providing an upfront educational briefing to the homeowner before getting to work!

Learn About Where We Pressure Wash!

We’re a talented pressure washing team that serves all of Northeren Virginia! We love helping the communities we live in!

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-South Riding

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All your pressure washing questions answered!

One thing that we pride ourselves on at Bright Exterior Cleaning is not just serving Centreville with the best pressure washing and exterior cleaning services – but also by educating homeowners with the most up to date property maintenance tips!

We do this by regularly publishing content, videos, articles, and posts that help homeowners learn how to properly maintain the exterior of their home!

So let’s start with the pressure washing basics!

Often times homeowners have the natural inclination to by a pressure washing machine of their own with the intent of spraying the gunk off their driveway or stripping paint off their deck.

However, knowing which cleaning solutions, surfactants, the proper amount of bleach and the proper to pressure is essential for any pressure washing job!

For example, should you use a lower pressure or higher pressure for your deck?

When it comes to high-pressure water, sometimes our inclination is to start pressure washing everything around our house. The fence, the deck, the car, the sidewalk, the SIDING… however, this is not always the best!

Surfaces Safe to Pressure Wash:

One of the reasons we recommend hiring a pressure washing company like Bright Exterior Cleaning to do your pressure washing is because of the background knowledge we can employ!

That being said, here is a list of surfaces safe to pressure wash:

  • Decks: Most deck surfaces are safe to pressure wash so long as you don’t get the pressure washing nozzle too close. If you happen to live in Northeren Virginia, with more decks made of composite material such as Trex it’s best to always get a free estimate first. Composite decks can be damaged with pressure washing and often don’t require it!
  • Fences: Typically, fences are made of wood. However PVC fences and vinyl fences are becoming more and more popular – all of which are safe to pressure wash in most cases! Anytime we pressure wash wood we make sure to use the right amount of pressure and the correct distance!
  • Driveways & Concrete: Concrete and asphalt are your safe bet when it comes to pressure washing!
  • Patios: Depending on what type of patio you have, pressure washing is generally regarded as safe! However, if you have a paver patio, you want to be careful blasting the joints of the pavers!
  • Siding: Oftentimes, pressure washing is not recommended for the siding on your home! A soft home wash is recommended for this!

Never Pressure Wash Your Roof!

The DIY people love taking their pressure washer and blasting any surface, but one surface that should never, EVER, be pressure washed is your roof!

At tempting as it might be to blast away mold, algae, organic build-up, and those black stains on your roof – doing so isn’t safe for you or your roof!

For starters, pressure washing on a ladder can be dangerous, not to mention your roof can be damaged if you use highly pressurized water to blast the shingles. While you might remove some mildew and bird poop, you will also remove aspects of your roof’s shingles!

Instead, learn about our roof wash process here which consists of a using a proprietary blend of soap and surfactants, combined with mother nature to do the work!

Also, just a FYI – never pressure wash your car!

Power Washing Centreville vs Pressure Washing Centreville:

When it comes to pressure washing, as mentioned before, sometimes the term pressure washing is used interchangeably with the word power washing.

We don’t expect homeowners to be experts on the subject, but we are always here to help people understand the difference between the two – and there is one key difference: Heat.

Pressure washing: Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to remove mildew, algae, mold, stains, gunk, and organic build-up without the assistance of temperature

Power washing: On the other hand, power washing uses pressurized water with the aid of heat. The water comes out of the power washer pressurized and heated!

Pressure Washing Nova – Bright Exterior Cleaning:

Now that you know everything there is to know about pressure washing for your home or commercial property, see how the team at Bright Exterior Cleaning can help you.

As a licensed and insured exterior cleaning company, we guarantee our work and love helping homeowners add curb appeal to their homes! A clean home add’s curb appeal which is vital when you go to sell or just when you want to have a cookout!

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