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Is it time to have your gutters cleaned?

Each fall and during the course of the harsh Northern Virginia winters, leaves, sticks and other debris find themselves scattered across the area. From your yard to your roof, leaves can be seen everywhere right around October.

But did you know the beautiful foliage in October can be detrimental to your gutters? (Click here to get a free gutter inspection ASAP)

Why your gutters are so important:

The roof of your home and the siding around it are the two largest features that make up a home.

Believe it or not, your gutters serve an integral part in making sure your home stays dry and water is properly collected and displaced.

Rainwater is typically collected by your roof and channels down to your gutters, which in turn displace water through downspouts to prevent water from penetrating your home’s siding and windows.

However, clogged gutters can disrupt all of this.

Clogged gutters can cause:

  • Gutters to overflow, causing ground erosion
  • Pooling around your home’s foundation due to incorrect water drainage
  • Gutters loosen from the fascia and begin to pull away from your home
  • As gutters get stripped and pull from the house, rain can penetrate home through the siding and in between roof and fascia boards!

While this might seem a little doom and gloom, this won’t happen with proper gutter inspections and cleaning annually.

It only takes one stick to clog a downspout, but it only takes one click to get your gutters inspected!

Your Gutter Cleaning Solutions

The team at Bright Exterior Cleaning and our owner Tyler know how vital having clean gutters are for keeping your home dry and free of water. We offer numerous gutter cleaning packages to help meet your needs as a homeowner.

First, our gutter cleaning services include:

  1. We inspect your gutters, downspouts, and any underground drains for clogs
  2. No clogs, no problem, we simply pack up and go! However, if we find a gutter clog…
  3. If your gutters are in need of being cleaned, we will clean them at a rate based on the size of your home & length of gutters.
  4. Downspouts, which tend to cause the most issues because of how small the drainage area is, are thoroughly cleaned and freed of debris.

We typically recommend our gutter cleaning services in October into December once leaves have fallen. Additionally, along with your other spring needs, the spring is a great time to reinspect for any other debris that may have found their way into your gutters over the winter.

Read more about gutter cleaning & leaf removal!

Downspout Solutions

As of Fall 2019, Bright Exterior Cleaning is excited to share our new “Never-Clog” downspout solutions.

Downspouts are the most vital aspect of the integrity of your gutters. Even with clogged gutters, water will still drain (Just slower), however, if your downspout is covered – that water will have nowhere to go.

We offer a guaranteed “Never-Clog” solution for all of your downspouts using a proprietary commercial-grade product not available in retail stores.

When installed and maintained by us, we offer a 100% no-clog guarantee of your downspouts with a lifetime warranty!

Learn about our downspout solutions here!

Annual Gutter Cleaning Packages:

Want to save money and never have to worry about your gutters again?

Learn about our annual gutter cleaning and inspection packages that can save you 50% annually on all your gutter cleaning needs!

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