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Sidewalk, Curb, & Gutter Line Cleaning (Power Washing) – Why It Matters!

Chances are if you’re an HOA manager or property manager, you probably haven’t given much thought to power washing the sidewalk, curb, and gutter line. 

Community sidewalks and the accompanying curbs are important for aesthetic purposes in addition to the very vital purpose they each serve. Sidewalks clearly delineate where pedestrians can walk or jog, with the curb typically encompassing the sidewalk and separating it from the road. 

The gutter line is the area where the curb meets the pavement and runoff waters and debris are often gathered and drained. However, if the debris is too heavy or too much, these areas can be easily clogged or backed up which requires cleaning and maintenance. 

This happens to be the exact topic for today – maintaining and power washing/cleaning your property’s curb and gutter line. For many communities and commercial properties, this can be a sight for sore eyes if not properly maintained! 

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If you are a property manager or home owner’s association, you know what it is like dealing with complaints. And while many people complain about silly things like the occasional dog dropping on a common area lawn, one thing many homeowners notice but don’t say anything about is the curbs and sidewalks. 

Homeowners, in particular, will notice the summer crabgrass growing like the weed it is on curb lines or the massive amount of sand from snow removal efforts that clog curb gutters from draining.

Either way, there are a few reasons property managers should be aware of a proper sidewalk, curb, and gutter line maintenance that we listed for you below!

Reasons for sidewalk, curb & gutter cleaning include: 

  1. Debris built up along curb gutter line that is impeding the flow of stormwater
  2. Weeds growing in the cracks between pavement and curb line
  3. Repainting curbs, in need of removal of old paint prior to new paint (requires power washing
  4. Sidewalks are stained with natural buildup, gum, and other debris over the years
  5. Removal of sand and gravel buildup from winter snow removal work that builds upon curb lines
  6. General maintenance and stain removal 

These are the most common reasons a community or commercial property manager might want to clean the curb lines and sidewalks, but you might not necessarily know where to start. Here is our recommendation…

What to do about power washing curb lines & sidewalks

Removing stains of sidewalks and blasting the gum stains is simple. Removing the old paint, weeds, or sand build-up in the curb and the gutter line is equally as easy. The only catch is that it takes time, expertise, and background knowledge!

Some people think that they can power wash on their own, but often they are sadly mistaken by the amount of work and background knowledge the job requires! In order to appropriately clean community or commercial property sidewalks, the correct application of soaps and surfactants, power washing, and buffing is required (see photo below). 

commercial pressure washing

After the sidewalks are taken care of, which can be a few days depending on the size and scope of the project, attacking the curb/gutter line is recommended. Hitting both at once is ideal, as it will cut down on the frequency of having to clean.

Maintaining a regular schedule of cleaning sidewalks and curb gutter lines is important and will actually save money in the long run! Which leads to our final point with making sure community and commercial sidewalks/curbs are clean: How much does it cost?

Cost to Power Wash Sidewalks & Curbs

The exact price to power wash curbs and clean sidewalks is hard to tell and based on the size/scope of the project. Typically, most jobs are priced on a simple linear foot price (curbs) and square foot (sidewalks). The bigger the job the higher likelihood the cost per foot will actually decrease.

However, for a general rule of thumb, this pressure washing cost guide can help you. We recommend HOA managers and commercial property owners/managers reach out to us here and get a custom quote. Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning of NOVA, we specialize in helping property managers navigate regular power washing and cleaning.

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~Tyler, Bright Exterior Cleaning of Virginia

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