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Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning: One of the most time consuming and surprisingly challenging cleaning items for business owner and homeowners to do on their own, not kidding.

Due to the height of your windows, the size, and also the sheer quantity of windows, being able to clean your windows several times a year can be time consuming. Not to mention, the actual cleaning of your home’s or business’s windows can actually be hard to complete.

That is why today, we will teach you all about exterior window cleaning and the solutions you have at your hand to utilize!

Exterior Window Cleaning 101

exterior window cleaning

When it comes to exterior window cleaning, if you’re reading this article you are contemplating several questions in your head:

  1. Should I clean my windows myself?
  2. How much does it cost to clean windows anyway?
  3. How would I clean my windows?

Should you hire a company to clean your windows?

Most of the time people want to figure out whether they should clean their own windows or not. For starters, window cleaning can be very time consuming and the cleaning goes way beyond just a paper towel and index.

In fact, exterior window clean consists of first using soap and water combinations to extensively clean the outside of a window, followed by using a streak free cleaner such as you typical home window cleaner to shine the windows.

Because of the labor intensive action of cleaning your windows, most people get stuck with figuring out whether they should do it, or hire a window cleaning company. However, these factors should help you with your choice:

Factors to determine if you should hire a window cleaning company:

  • The number of total windows (estimate at least 10 minutes per window)
  • The height of your project (anything over one floor involving a ladder is risky to do on your own)
  • The type of window
  • The amount of grime or buildup on your windows

How much does window cleaning cost usually?

Home Window Cleaning Prices:

According to, the average homeowner can expect to pay somewhere around $10-$15 per window. This typically equates to approximately $250 on average for an entire home. When windows require higher ladders (over 2 floors), the price can be somewhat higher per window, raising the cost $3-$5 more per window for those floors.

Commercial Window Cleaning Prices:

Commercial window cleaning is estimated differently and can be based on the size or number of panes per window, but typically it boils down to square footage since commercial proprieties are known to have large window displays. Ranging anywhere from $.50 to $2.50 per square foot, commercial window cleaning is often priced based on the frequency of the cleaning.

For example, a restaurant that has it’s windows cleared every week to keep a strong curb appeal can expect to pay less per month than a property that has it’s windows cleaned once a month or once every few months.

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How to Clean Your Exterior Windows:

In the event that you don’t wan to hire a professional exterior window cleaning company, the logical step is to always try and clean the windows yourself. Keep in mind, this is so simple or easy task. The higher the windows, the more challenging cleaning them will be and the riskier.

Additionally, cleaning your exterior windows is nothing like cleaning the interior. The exterior of your windows need to be heavily cleaned to rid them of organic build up using a heavy soap and water mixture. After that, you can use a streak free cleaner such as Windex.

  1. Get a bucket and create a window cleaning soap or make your own with vinegar
  2. Using a microfiber cleaning cloth wipe down the outside of the window with the water/soap mixture
  3. For the hard to reach areas, use a Swiffer type mop to help. Simply wrap your microfiber cloth around the mop
  4. Scrub each window and then let them dry
  5. When they are dry, use a streak free cleaner to shine your windows up
  6. Keep in mind any and all ladder safety protocols when using ladders. Also, make sure you have a spotter to help with ladder involved window cleaning

As you can see, depending on the size of the window cleaning project, you may or may not be able to handle it on your own.

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The Verdict –

4 Things to Do Before Hiring a Window Cleaner | Angi [Angie's List]

At the end of the day, the options are pretty evident. You can clean the windows yourself, let them say dirty, or higher a exterior cleaning company like Bright Exterior Cleaning of Virginia. While the choice will ultimately come down to factors like time and cost, most of the time window cleaning is a affordable service.

Regardless of what you decide to do, recognizing that a exterior cleaning company is your best bet. Simply reach out to discuss weekly, monthly, and annual window cleaning packages.

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