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Commercial Power Washing – Spring Packages Are Here!

Are you a property manager, small business owner, or someone who needs help with managing a commercial property?

One of our biggest assets here at Bright Exterior Cleaning is helping those responsible for commercial properties keep the exterior and surrounding premises looking great! We can help determine the best needs whether you manage/own a restaurant, gas station, school – whatever – you name it!

Keeping things like the patio, walkways, dumpster pads, exterior walls, and windows clean is attractive for customers and resale purchases. That is why today we will share with you what commercial power washing packages look like!

But first, does power washing really matter?

Commercial Power Washing Packages 101

Recently, there was an article that was published describing how homeowners can increase the value of their homes. In that article, power washing was listed as one of the sure-fire ways to clean the exterior of a home right before putting it on the market and increasing the value.

Using that logic, it would make sense to give a commercial property or small business the same clean feel from the exterior, right?

In fact, it actually might be more important to keep a commercial property or apartment complex’s exterior clean, especially when you involve residents or you are customer-facing. Lucky for you if you’re someone in charge of deciding these things, as we have some super simply exterior cleaning packages you can explore!

Commercial Pressure Washing Package Options:

commercial power washing

At Bright Exterior Cleaning, our commercial pressure washing, commercial power washing services, and commercial exterior building cleaning include:

  • Roof cleaning & commercial roof wash
  • Patio sanitation and patio pressure washing
  • Gas station pad cleaning
  • Dumpster pad pressure washing
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Black mold removal
  • Sanitation

And while we recognize there are quite a few services to consider, typically we start by always helping property managers, real estate agents, and small business owners understand the basics:

  1. Most of the time, keeping patios and walkways clean is a must, typically monthly
  2. The exterior of your building often needs annual cleaning
  3. Restruants, heavily trafficked areas, gas stations and daycares often require more than a small corporate office

Packages We Offer:

Property Managers:

We understand property managers have their work cut out for them in general. That is why we make custom packages that are easy for property managers to make simple decisions.

HOA Packages:

At Bright Exterior Cleaning, we work closely with HOA managers to make sure things like tennis courts, pool decks, community side walks and patios are free of debris, geese poop and stains! Upkeep is always better. Let us keep your community looking bright!

Bi-weekly Packages

Depending on your industry or small business, we may offer cleaning every two weeks to make sure your exterior surfaces are BRIGHT & Safe. Typically, daycares with a need for regular playground cleaning and restaurants with patios love this option!

Monthly Cleaning

Typically used by most of our clients in the food industry (Fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, breweries, wineries & more) having your dumpster pad pressure washed and sidewalks/patios cleaned regularly looks great for patrons!

Semi Annual

Sometimes, a semi-annual roof wash or sidewalk cleaning is necessary. A soft wash of the walls of your exterior commercial building is something that is typically cleaned every few years and if you have gutters we can check those to

Costs of Packages

So you might be wondering, how much does a power washing commercial package cost?

The answer is that it depends on numerous factors. The more often you clean something, the less it will cost in the amount of cleaning required. However, everything is done based on the scope of the square footage and job dynamics.

For example, a restaurant that needs a monthly patio cleaning from March to November would spend less than an office building that needs wall, roof, and sidewalk cleaning annually.

For more information on pricing, use this pressure washing cost guide!

Final Word

We get that dealing with something like power washing is the last of your worries if you’re a business owner or property manager. You have a giant list of to-do’s daily and exterior cleaning might be towards that bottom.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important for the success of your property. And lucky for you, we make the process easy. So if you’re interested in learning more, be sure to reach out here and get your questions asked!

Lastly, if you’re wondering if we offer commercial cleaning in your area, just check out our service area page here. Chances are, if you’re in the Northern, VA area, we most likely can help you with all of your pressure and power washing needs!

Now, if you’re in Idaho like our friend’s roofing company, well we might not be able to help you, but we can recommend someone!

~Tyler, Bright Exterior Cleaning

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