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Leaves in Your Gutters? Fall is Here – Gutter Cleaning Near You!

Do you need gutter cleaning near you?

Once the Labor Day Holiday hits, all the signs that fall has arrived are almost here. The leaves are turning shades of burnt orange and red. Warm apple cider can be found in your local grocery store, and Halloween decorations are beginning to litter people’s porches. Fall festivals scatter the Northern Virginia Region.

Virginia is known for its beautiful fall season and there is much to enjoy this time of year. However, the one thing that fall brings in addition to all the fun festivals, is gutters full of leaves! And when the leaves start to fall and land everywhere, your gutters should be the first thing that gets attention! 

In cases like this, you need to find a gutter company for you to leave!

Why you should remove leaves from your gutters ASAP!

If you recently found yourself searching around online for “Gutter cleaning companies near me,” you’re at the right spot (To learn about our exterior home cleaning services that include gutters, simply reach out here).

But first, you might be asking, “Why is having the leaves removed from my gutters so important anyway?”

Whether you plan on getting out a ladder and removing the leaves from your gutter yourself or calling a professional, at the end of the day, you will need to take the leaves out of your gutter!

Here is an analogy to help you understand why gutter leaf removal is so vital:

Do you remember raking leaves as a kid, but what about the gutters?

If you ever had to do some chores around the house that included raking leaves, you most likely remember that dry leaves were extremely light. However, the leaves that were saturated and soaking wet, well, those leaves were oddly heavy, right?!

Now imagine how your gutters feel when wet leaves pile up inside of them. Your gutters collect rainwater from your home’s roof, then strategically place the collected water with the aid of downspouts in locations around your home. 

The gutter system is designed to keep rainwater off your home’s foundation and prevent erosion. Yet those little burnt orange leaves can significantly impact the integrity of your gutters if they’re not taken care of! Gutters protect your:

  1. Foundation
  2. Roof and shingles
  3. Siding
  4. And prevent leaks

This is why you need to make sure your leaves are not clogging your gutters!

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Leaves Clog Gutters

Imagine setting the heavy bag of wet leaves you collected as a kid on top of your gutters. 

Imagine those heavy leaves sitting there, and a heavy rainstorm moves in. Not only do your gutters struggle to properly channel and displace the stormwater, but the weight also starts to hurt your gutters!

Clogged gutters (Typically from leaves and sticks) cause the following:

  • Gutters to overflow, causing ground erosion
  • Pooling around your home’s foundation due to incorrect water drainage
  • Gutters loosen from the fascia and begin to pull away from your home
  • As gutters get stripped and pulled from the house, rain can penetrate the home through the siding and between the roof and fascia boards!
gutter cleaning near me

While it might take some time to cause erosion around the foundation, it doesn’t take much time for your gutters to pull away from your home. Depending on the age of your gutters, if your gutters were installed with gutter spikes – they can begin to loosen after just one heavy rainstorm if your gutters are clogged!

Like all structures, gutters are designed to hold a certain weight. Heavy wet leaves compromise the integrity of your gutters, which is why you should have your gutters inspected! 

Get Your Gutters Inspected for Free

Perhaps you are the homeowner who likes to do everything themselves!

If that is you, the best way to inspect your gutters is to get a ladder and complete a visual check of each section of gutter around your home. You can also inspect your downspouts to ensure sticks, leaves or even dead birds are not clogging your downspouts!

However, for many homeowners getting on a ladder to check your gutters takes too much time and can be dangerous depending on the size of your home. 

Well, lucky for you! This fall, Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern Virginia offers a [FREE] Gutter Inspection voucher (Redeemable online only). We will complete a full gutter inspection – no strings attached – to see if your gutters need cleaning! 

When we inspect gutters, we look for debris and leaves backing up your gutters, so the best time to conduct this inspection is after the bulk of the leaves have fallen from trees!

The Bright Exterior Cleaning Gutter Inspections Include:

  1. A visual inspection of gutters & downspouts
  2. Integrity inspection of gutters (If they need replacement, there is no point in cleaning them!)
  3. Photographs of any debris or clogs

On top of the free gutter inspection, if your gutters are clogged, we show you photos of the gutters and we offer an on-the-spot cleaning package with a 10% discount!

This might lead you to this question, how much does gutter cleaning typically cost?

How much should you pay to have your gutters cleaned?

Typically, gutter cleaning can be priced one of two ways: 

  1. By square footage
  2. Flat rate by the size of your home (Townhome, Single Family, etc.)

Most companies price their gutter cleaning by the size of your home by offering flat rates for their cleanings. A typical gutter cleaning can range from $150-$400 on average. (Houses with guttered porches can cost more due to the doubled footage of gutters)

Final Words on Gutter Cleaning:

Virginia, as earlier stated, is known for its beautiful fall season. Whether you like hiking the trails, going to fall festivals at places like Cox Farms or visiting Shenandoah National Park to see the trees – there are plenty of fun things to do other than clean your gutters! 

So not only is it vital to have your gutters cleaned of all the fall foliage, you should enjoy the fall weather and season! Leave the tedious gutter inspections and cleaning to us! 

Grab your free inspection here now!

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