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A Commerical Pressure Washing Project: Manassas, VA

Bright Exterior Cleaning – a full-service power and pressure washing company out of Northern Virginia – recently completed this commercial pressure washing project in Manassas, Virginia.

The team led by owner Tyler Bunch was able to perform the exterior cleaning project after weeks of preparation and diligent planning. Large-scale pressure washing projects require meticulous planning to account for all the nuances involved with pressure washing such a large building. From a set cleaning schedule to project staging, we will detail the project and share photos from this project below.

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Manassas Virginia Commerical Pressure Washing Project –

1. Staging

Stage appropriately is the first step in any large pressure/power washing project. This often requires planning to ensure no cars or people are on site. If people are on-site, the staging requires the cleaning project to be done in segments with sections blocked for cleaning.

Luckily, this project was done on a Saturday when no cars or people entered the building/parking lot.

power washing manassas va
pressure washing manassas va

2. Pressure Washing Work

When it comes to pressure washing exterior surfaces such as brick, asphalt, or concrete, it is essential to use the appropriate amount of PSI while utilizing surfactants that assist in cleaning. We have written extensively in our Pressure Washing Learning Center about this, but with each surface, proper adjustments need to be made in order to accommodate each surface.

Below you will see our team pressure-washing the following surfaces:

  1. Cement
  2. Brick
  3. Asphalt
pressure washing company manassas va
pressure washing in manassas

3. Before & After

With each of the buildings we pressure wash, knowing what type of algae or organic growth is causing the surface to stain is a must. At this particular building located in Manassas, VA, there was a dark stain from algae that was forming along the lighter-colored concrete above the central window.

The before and after photos below show exactly what effective pressure washing services can accomplish:

before power washing manassas va
after power washing manssas va

The Verdict –

Whenever we set out to complete a pressure washing project of this size and scope, Bright Exterior Cleaning pulls out all the stops to ensure we are prepared and thorough in our approach.

From planning to staging to working efficiently and effectively, we are prepared to allow for proper dwell times and the best results. While blasting a building with a pressure washer might seem like the go-to move for pressure washing, it is actually known to cause more harm than good if the appropriate measures are not taken.

In order to effectively clean the exterior building of a commercial property, you need pros, and we can help. Learn how Bright Exterior Cleaning can help you below!

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