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What to Look For In Mold Removal Companies

Cleaning mold on your siding or the exterior of your home is not always clear, cut, and dry. 

In fact, cleaning mold or having a mold removal company take care of mold indoors is another topic in itself. 

However, because mold takes shape in a variety of ways – from black mold to the mold you will find on your siding from lack of sun – it’s a great idea to reach out to exterior mold removal companies that specialize in mold removal, black mold removal, and mildew removal. 

That being said, what should you look for in a mold removal company? We have those answers below!

Find Mold Removal Companies Near You:

The first step in making sure your home’s siding, driveway, walkways, and surfaces are free of mold and mildew is determining whether you can simply by some siding wash on your own and do the job yourself. 

Or, do you need to find a company to help that offers mold removal services?

In most cases, for a job done right, most homeowners prefer the latter, choosing to go with a company that specializes in exterior mold removal and mildew removal companies. 

The best option is to simply search on Google or Google Maps for the following: 

  • “Exterior cleaning company near me”
  • “Mold removal company near me,” or
  • Use your location and input something like, “Mold removal Gainesville, Va”

Once your search populates a list of exterior cleaning (mostly power washing companies) you will want to select one that specializes in disinfecting and mold removal – such as Bright Exterior Cleaning! 

Things to look for when selecting a company is their expierence, reviews, portfolio, and pricing. Because the degree of which mold can grow on your siding and roof can vary, it’s a great idea to get several quotes for any mold removal. 

What ultimately removes the mold will be the house wash solution that the company you select chooses to use and in our case at Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northeren, VA – we use a great blend! 

Additional Cleaning Services

Best House Wash for Vinyl Siding

Whenever we visit home to complete a house wash and mold removal/mildew removal job, we first inspect the exterior of the home to make sure we know how much soap to use for the project (we also ensure there are no other issues like downspout issues, missing siding, etc)

After we have surveyed the projected and installed proper protective coverings on landscaping, cameras, and outdoor furniture we implement our soft wash cleaning method which consists of low-pressure, but high volume water with the aid of soaps and surfactants to help break down the bacteria and molds. 

This proprietary soap blend, which we call “Clean with pink,” is designed to work fast and help clean surfaces and create a noticeable difference. 

Most importantly, however, the soap blend helps remove and mold the exists and contains an appropriate amount of bleach in the soap blend. 

>> Benefits of House Washing also include enhanced curb appeal and even can help with resale value!

Why do you use a bleach solution to kill mold?

Mold, as mentioned, can take shape in a variety of ways but when it comes to your home’s exterior it’s usually the result of three things:

  1. Moisture
  2. Little sun
  3. Organic matter, such as dirt

When those three are combined, you can have fungal growth, otherwise known as mold. And while the mold on the exterior of your home is not as dangerous as black mold that may occur in a home after let’s say a flood, it’s still a good idea to remove mold, mildew, and algae off the exterior of your home! 

Exposure to mold can cause a number of health issues such as; throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, cough, and wheezing – depending on exposure. In fact, if you have allergies and have ever noticed in the spring when it rains your allergies are “Heightened?”

That is often caused by the rain stirring mold into the air which can be very agitating! All this to say we use a bleach solution to help kill the fungal mold growths on your home. 

Our bleach solution is safe and we also take safety precautions when applying like covering landscaping, security cameras, etc. The bleach helps break down the mold, clean, and prevent a quick resurgence of mold growth! 

How we go about killing mold on porous surfaces:

A porous surface is any surface that let’s moisture and liquids pass through it. 

Think of a sponge as a porous surface, or in the case of your home’s exterior – a wood deck or fence. Sometimes porous surfaces can have more mold due to the fact that the three ingredients for mold – moisture, lack of sun exposure, and organic matter – can be more prevalent in a porous surface. 

The process for killing mold on porous surfaces is similar to killing bold on other exterior surfaces, other than the soap blends and bleach blends might require a longer maturation period. 

Regardless, when you’re looking for a mold removal company, they will know how much disinfectant blends to apply in order to kill the mold! Pictured below, you will see algae and mold growth on a porous Trex deck surface:

mold removal companies

Final Word on Mold Removal:

When it comes to finding a mold removal company for the exterior of your home, keep in mind that there are DIY options – but mold is not something to play around with. 

Because some molds (especially the black mold that is sometimes found in homes) have been known to cause health issues if you have any particular questions about mold remediation services, reach out below:

If we can’t help you with your mold, we can always help guide you in the right direction! 

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