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The Best Tips for Finding a Roof Cleaning Company

There is a very high likelyhood that the term “Roof Washing” or “Soft Roof Wash” is brand new to you.

Understandably so, most homeowners use the general terms of pressure washing, power washing, and roof cleaners to describe any exterior cleaning service.

However, if you visited our pressure washing learning center you may have discovered that when it comes to your roof, you actually are looking for a roof washing company when you search for roof cleaners near you!

And today, we will share the best tips to find a roof cleaning company as well as cover what roof soft washing is! (For a full description of roof soft washing, check this article out)

Our motto is simple – if you’re looking for roof cleaners, “Near Me” is always close to us!

Note: For the sake of this article, we will use roof cleaners interchangeably with roof washing/roof soft washing since that is the technical term for cleaning an exterior roof.

How to Find a Roof Cleaners “Near Me” 

Here are some quick tip, regardless of where you live, to finding a roof washing company nearby!

Search for ‘Roof Cleaners Near Me’ on Google Maps

Got a dirty roof? One of the first places you should look for a reputable roof washing company is Google. By searching for ‘roof washing company near me’ on Google, you’ll instantly get a number of suitable options in your local area.

Now, in addition to the actual list of Google search results, there will also be a number of Google Maps listings displayed at the top of the page. These results are really intuitive as they allow you to quickly and easily see all of the roof washing companies in your local area.

Furthermore, as well as displaying basic information, such as address and telephone number, the Google Maps listings also include star ratings and reviews for each company. There are few better ways to learn about the reputation of a roof washing company and find out what past customers thought of their service than by reading social proof like online reviews.

Talk to Friends 

Chances are many of your friends and family have used roof washing companies near you in the past. Like social proof, personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold. In fact, they’re probably more valuable because they can’t be manipulated.

The best part about talking to friends and family about roof washing companies in your local area is that you can obtain a range of different points of view. While one company might be recommended because it provides an affordable roof washing service, another may stand out because the quality of its work is extremely high.

You should also consider talking to your neighbors about roof washing companies nearby. This could save you time as it means you’ll already know that the company you are inquiring with services the area in which you live before you contact them. It can be frustrating to get your hopes up about a roof washing company only to find out that it doesn’t cover your neighborhood.

Check on Facebook

Another great place to find roof washing companies, as well as read about the experiences of previous customers, is on Facebook.

In the same way that Google allows you to carry out very specific searches, so, too, does Facebook. Try searching for ‘roof cleaners near me‘ or ‘roof washing companies near me’ on Facebook the next time you open the social network. You’ll be surprised how many results are returned.

Most modern roof washing companies have their own business Facebook Page, which should contain all the necessary details for you to contact them. In fact, you can usually send them a message via Messenger, meaning you can conduct the search and make contact right from your smartphone.

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Why you might need a roof washing company

So now that you know how to find a roof cleaner near you, let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want your roof washed (Also you can learn as much as you could ever want about roof cleaning right here!)

Selling your home

The most obvious time for you to get your roof washed is if you are in the process of selling your home and have an upcoming viewing. It goes without saying that you will spend time (and perhaps money) on making your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers, so why would you even consider neglecting your roof?

Often, it’s the small details that help people sell a home. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you’d focused on making the inside and outside of your house spotless, but didn’t bother to get your roof cleaned. It’s one of the biggest areas of your home and if it’s covered in dirt and debris, potential buyers will probably raise an eyebrow.

You wouldn’t try and sell a dirty car, so don’t try and sell a home with a dirty roof.

Curb appeal

While you shouldn’t have any need to keep up with the Joneses, doing so does feel good at times. This is especially true if yours is the only house on your street that is looking sorry for itself because of a really dirty roof.

Do yourself and your neighborhood proud by having your roof professionally washed on a semi-regular basis. It’ll increase your home’s curb appeal no end and put a smile on your face every time you arrive home.

Bird Droppings & Other Debris

Algae, moss, bird droppings, and other corrosive debris can actually eat away at your roof tiles over time. This can lead to them failing and you ending up with a leak. And sure, while a leak can be repaired, wouldn’t it be better to prevent one from happening in the first place, let alone less hassle and cheaper?!

Plus, by having your roof cleaned on a regular basis, you can more easily spot any areas that are in need of some TLC. A dirty roof hides problems, which can lead to bigger issues further down the road. Uncover those suspect patches now by having your roof professionally cleaned.

What is a Roof Soft Wash

Finally, when you reach out to a roof washing company near you because your roof needs cleaning, you may be told about something called a “roof soft wash.”

A safer alternative to pressure washing, a roof soft wash cleans without the risk of damaging your tiles, shingles, and other roofing materials. But just because a roof soft wash isn’t as aggressive as pressure washing, don’t think it’s not as effective, too.

A roof soft wash involves cleaning your roof with manufacturer recommended detergents and methods. It is the most effective way to remove moss, algae, bird droppings, and other debris from your roof.

Noticed black streaks and stains on your roof?

They are actually caused by a form of gloecapsa magma, a photosynthetic cyanobacteria that actually feeds off of the limestone granules embedded in your roof shingles. Over time, this process causes shingle decay and loss of reflective power, which is why you need to have these black stains cleaned off whenever you notice them.

Pressure washing will indeed remove gloecapsa magma, but there’s a strong chance it’ll come back in the near future.

Soft washing your roof with the correct disinfectants prevents this from happening because it actually kills the organic colony’s root system, leaving your roof both visibly clean and free from bacteria!

Final Word:

Now that you know how to find a roof cleaning company near you and what a roof soft wash consists of, try this:

At your next social gathering, let everyone know about the black streaks on a roof and how to get them cleaned.

For starters, you will awe everyone with your knowledge about roof cleaning, and secondly, you will be the hit at the next party!

All jokes aside, if you’re wondering how to get your roof washed, simply use this form right here and reach out!

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