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Power Washing Pool Decks & Top Tips for Pool Deck Cleaning!

Are you a homeowner or community manager who needs to clean your pool deck?

When it comes to pool deck cleaning, most people will leave it up to power washing experts so the job is done correctly and lasts longer. As one of the leaders in commercial/professional pool deck cleaning, we understand the process thoroughly. That is why today, we will share the key steps to pool deck cleaning & pool power washing!

First, why do pool decks need cleaning?

A regular pool deck cleaning is vital to get rid of organic build-up that can include:

  • Dirt and grime
  • Stains
  • Gum
  • Sand
  • Pool chemicals
  • Mildew
  • Other debris

While some of these are simply eye sores, some of the above-mentioned items can cause damage to pool deck surfaces if not regularly cleaned. This is why professional pool deck cleaning services use surface cleaners, power washers, and proper guidelines to clean pool decks.

Most companies will also tackle any other things that need pressure washing, such as pool deck furniture and retaining walls. The short answer is that a clean pool deck looks great, but the better answer is that it ensures the pool decking material stays intact long-term!

How often should a pool deck be cleaned?

Knowing how often you should clean your pool deck is very similar to the frequency of cleaning your car – sometimes, you just have to gauge when it needs it.

While an annual pool deck cleaning could be needed in one neighborhood, every three years could suffice in another. All that said, most community pool decks are cleaned at least once per year at minimum.

Factors that will determine frequent cleaning needs include:

  • How heavily wooded the area is around your pool deck
  • Pollen accumulation in the spring
  • Weather
  • Pool use

This is why professional pressure washing is typically the best route for HOA managers. A concrete deck requires specific care and knowledge to clean and prevent damage adequately.

How to Clean Your Pool Deck & The Importance of Regular Pool Deck Cleaning!

The typical approach to cleaning a pool deck is to use a power washer. While we will continue to emphasize professional power washing, the approach for the DIY people is as follows:

  1. Analyze your decking material (usually concrete)
  2. Gather materials (pressure washer, garden hose, bleach cleaner, sprayer)
  3. Use protective equipment such as rubber gloves and glasses
  4. Preblow or sweep the surface
  5. Conduct a low-pressure rinse of the area
  6. Using a sprayer and correct chemical ratios, use bleach or another surface cleaner to spray down the deck
  7. Spray down concrete or patio pavers with the correct PSI levels (1800-2200 for concrete, 1200-1500 PSI for pavers).
  8. Use an exterior scrub brush for heavy-duty stains

Different Types Of Pool Patio Materials

Different pool decking materials require a different level of expertise and care. Professional power washing companies know which surface cleaner and approach works best (soft wash systems vs. pressurized cleaning, for example).

Types of pool decks can include:

  1. Concrete surfaces
  2. Wood decks
  3. Timber deck
  4. Paver patio decking
  5. Other materials are less common such as rubber or natural stone.

Almost 9 in 10 pool decks are concrete except for an above-ground pool deck. This means you will want to use the proper approach and guidelines based on the surface of your pool deck.

Avoid DIY Cleaning – it can lead to a damaged pool deck:

Along the same lines as pool deck materials, cleaning a pool deck with the wrong solution or too much pressure can cause damage. This is why professionals clean many community pool decks.

Some homeowners prefer the DIY approach and a garden hose to clean their pool deck, patio, pavers, etc. While you can undoubtedly utilize this approach, most pressure washing companies will use a combination of solutions and their pressure washer to clean correctly.

A vital reason you should leave concrete pool deck cleaning to a professional is that too much pressure can cause damage to the decking surface. The same goes for pressure-washing community pools – leave it to the pros!

Why hire a professional for your community pool deck cleaning:

Some homeowners will insist that their concrete pool deck is easy to clean with a concrete cleaning solution and a garden hose. While this might work for the everyday person, the job is too large for a large community pool and requires too much expertise.

Everything from utilizing the right equipment – pressure washer, buffer, etc. – to the correct cleaning solution is vital to properly restoring and cleaning the pool deck. Cleaning concrete seems simple, but the wrong approach can lead to pool owners dealing with damage.

Also, cleaning an entire deck can take a massive amount of time. This is why most residential pool decks and community pool decks will utilize a professional. One factor that is often overlooked is the presence of pool chemicals.

Unlike power washing a driveway, a professional power washing company is key to properly cleaning a pool deck that has chemicals present.


Is a Soft Wash System Good for Above-Ground Pool Decks?

The sides of an above-ground pool deck require regular cleaning to help prevent mildew, grime, and mold build-up. However, you cannot blast the soft sides of the pool with a power washer. This is why specialty surfactants and a soapy solution are vital to remove stubborn stains.

What is the best way to clean a pool deck?

The best way to clean a pool deck is to use a pressure washer or power washer with the proper chemical blends. Most HOAs will hire a professional pressure washing company to complete large-scale cleanings of pool decks.

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