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What to Look For in A Roof Soft Washing Company

Are you looking for a roof soft washing company near me or more information about a roof soft wash?

A lot of times, homeowners and business owners think that cleaning their roofs means pressure washing their roof. In reality, what they need is “Soft Wash Cleaning.”

Today, the team at Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern VA is committed to helping homeowners understand what to look for when it comes to a soft roof wash and answer any questions!

What is a roof soft wash?

roof cleaning

Your home’s roof is vital for protecting your home from the weather and mother nature, but it is also a “Huge” puzzle piece regarding your home’s curb appeal.

The purpose of a roof cleaning using soft washing is to remove the following:

  • ugly streaks,
  • stains,
  • mold,
  • mildew,
  • bird droppings, and
  • organic build-up

All of this is great for improving the longevity of your roof but also adding curb appeal. Soft wash roof cleaning is a low-pressure washing technique that utilizes soaps and chemicals to clean. Unlike power washing which uses high-pressure washing to clean, chemical solutions are key for soft washing.

Benefits of a Roof Soft Wash for your roof cleaning:

Drive into a new development, and what you will quickly find in addition to modern architecture and siding styles, is new shiny roofs! There are no stains, streaks, or fading that meets the eye! 

Roof cleaning, completed with a soft roof wash, has several benefits for your home, including: 

  • Longer Roof Life: While organic roof build-up, such as moss, might not seem like an issue, over time, organic debris on your roof can trap in moisture, thus drying out your shingles and causing further damage. Long term, this can result in leaks in your roof – a much bigger issue than finding a roof-washing company near you! 
  • Curb Appeal: Just looking at the difference between a clean roof vs. a non-clean roof is night and day. The streaks, debris, staining, build-up, bird droppings, and so on are removed with a soft roof wash. This adds curb appeal, which makes the next point important – the resale of your home. 
  • Home Resale Value: For most Americans, a home is their largest asset, so treating it as so is essential. This means keeping your exterior in tip-top shape for resale purposes, including the roof. A roof replacement is a big deal and is expensive, so having your roof cleaned periodically is a great selling point, and it will look suitable for prospective buyers! 
  • Safety: Not only does having a soft roof wash with low-pressure water and safe chemicals mean you will have a great-looking roof, but it’s also essential to recognize how unsafe getting on your home roof can be in the first place. Exercising proper safety is vital for any roof cleaning, so don’t just go get on your roof! 

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Soft Washing Roofs vs. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing refers to highly pressurized water, removing dirt and grime, which is ideal for hard surfaces like concrete, patios, walkways, and decks. Power washing uses pressure washing with heated water.

Neither is required to clean your roof, but a soft wash system is used to clean your roof surface. In a second, we detail the soft wash cleaning process, but it is worth noting why pressure washing is dangerous for your roof and you.

A lot of DIY people will rent a pressure washer, grab a ladder, and start spraying their roof not realizing this is unsafe for them and their roof.

What does a soft wash roof cleaning entail?

Soft-wash roof cleaning methods are not something you can DIY.

For a soft roof wash, it’s essential to recognize that it is not as simple as just raking some leaves or cleaning your gutters. A soft roof wash means applying the right amount of soaps, surfactants, and chemicals without damaging the roof or other exterior features. 

➡️ Step 1: We always stage the home and cover any landscaping, cameras, and bag gutter downspouts to prevent soaps from running into landscaping, etc. 

➡️ Step 2: Once prepping is complete, we spray the roof, using low pressure and specialized cleaning solutions (A proprietary blend of soap, water, and a surfactant) to safely remove organic build-up, mold, streaks, and so on. The soft washing solution is key to removing the grime. Remember, roofing materials require the soft washing approach over using a pressure washer.

➡️ Step 3: Afterward, we let mother nature do her job and clean your roof surface. The rain helps your roof self-clean. Believe it or not, the longer the soap stays on the roof, the longer the lifespan of the wash lasts.

➡️ Step 4: We let mother nature and rain slowly rinse the biodegradable cleaning solutions on the roof over time, renewing it for the next 3-5 years and letting you say goodbye to black algae streaks and ugly roof stains! 

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Roof Soft Washing FAQ:

We understand that most homeowners never knew there was a roof soft wash process or any questions to ask. Regarding our customers’ roofs, we always strive to do our best to help educate homeowners to help increase the longevity of all aspects of their homes! 

To help, here is a list of the most frequently asked roof soft wash questions we get.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is the act of using chemical solutions and surfactants to clean a surface area like a roof or siding instead of pressure from a pressure washer. The purpose is to protect the integrity of the surface being rinsed without causing damage, yet still cleaning it. The process can be time-consuming but the outcome prevents fungi from growing and dirt from build-up on your roof.

how do you clean roofs?

The best way to clean a roof is to soft wash. Roofing shingles are very durable; however, highly pressurized water can lead to granular loss of asphalt shingles and damaged roof tiles. Regardless of roofing materials, the soft wash roof cleaning method is safer and utilizes roof pitch and natural water.

How do you soft wash a roof?

As mentioned above, by applying a soap and surfactant solution with the right amount of cleaner per square foot and using low pressure, you are able to wash a roof soft. Never power wash or pressure wash a roof; this damages the shingles and roof! 

How much does it cost to get your roof cleaned?

Depending on your home’s roof size, the average soft roof wash cleaning can vary but is typically around $450-$600. This can once again vary based on the amount of surface your roof covers, the amount of cleaning solution needed, and the time it takes for the soft roof wash company to complete the roof cleaning. 

How long does it take to soft wash a roof?

On average, a roof wash can take up to five hours, depending on staging and prepping, along with the size of the roof. Once solutions are applied, mother nature helps rinse the roof over time, restoring your roof to its original condition. 

What chemicals are used to soft wash a roof?

Roof soft washing companies typically have their proprietary blend of chemicals to complete a soft roof wash, but this typically includes surfactants, blends of soaps, and bleaches. 

Can I pressure wash my roof?

The answer to “Can I pressure wash my roof” is no, never! Never power wash or pressure wash your roof. Pressure washing your roof is a big no, as it will damage your asphalt shingles which can lead to roof leaks and bigger issues! 

High pressure can damage your roof, hence why professional companies use soft washing solutions and techniques.

Can I buy soft washing equipment?

In order to safely soft wash roofs, it is best to hire a professional and not try to do it yourself. The cleaning solutions are vital for a soft wash, and while most pressure washing companies will use their pressure washer to rinse a roof lightly, they do it with no pressure on the spray nozzle. If you insist on a DIY softwash roof cleaning to get your roof clean, a garden hose with the right chemical solutions will work. Just be sure to utilize proper ladder safety. Cleaning roofs and gutters is very dangerous.

Final Words on Roof Washing

Regarding roof cleaning services and a soft roof wash, we cleaned and covered your roof!

Our method of gentle soft-wash roof cleaning is proven, and we take pride in helping homeowners rid their roofs of streaks, stains, and moss so we can restore your roof to looking brand new! 

If you’re ready to have your roof cleaned, reach out here and let us help you get the ball rolling! 

And remember, soft wash roof cleaning near me is never far away from the roof cleaning pros at Bright Exterior Cleaning!

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