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Dumpster Pad Power Washing & Cleaning – What to Know

It’s safe to bet, that if you’re reading this article right now, you most likely have a dumpster.

Typically, most who have a dumpster, have it sitting on a concrete pad, behind a building or on a driveway. And most likely, the dumpster is used for commercial business purposes (like a restaurant, gas station, store, or daycare).

Either way, here is what we also know – dumpster pads can get gross. And without proper cleaning and pressure washing, they will stay gross.

That is why today we will cover the reasons why dumpster pad cleaning (commercial pressure washing) is necessary annually, how it works, and how much it runs a small business owner/property manager.

Dumpster Pad Power Washing

Pressure washing a dumpster pad is no different from pressure washing any other concrete, patio, or paved surface as far as the process goes.

As you can see above, first, we assess what is needed, the depth of some of the stains (think oil and grease), and how long we will let the soaps and surfactants sit on the surface (using our expertise and guides).

Next, we stage the area, help clean up debris and then move around things in order to properly be able to clean the surface before applying the soap blends.

After allowing the soaps and surfactants to do their jobs, the next step is to rinse the dumpster pads using a power washer. A power washer is typically preferable over a pressure washer, though the two are often used interchangeably, with the former being heated.

Power washing uses the additional element of heated water to help perform deeper cleaning. This is ideal to get up those tough stains that are sometimes found on dumpster pads from:

The difference between Power Washing & Pressure Washing: Learn about the difference between power washing and pressure washing in detail here!

Why Clean Your Dumpster Pad:

dumpster pad power washing

Most of us don’t show up to our place of work or our small business and think to ourselves, “I sure hope my clean dumpster pad attracts more customers.”

If we are being honest, most customers should never see your dumpster and we get that. However, a clean dumpster pad serves a few purposes.

For starters, a dumpster pad that is neat and orderly helps in the prevention of the spread of different bacteria, prevents rodents, and prevents insects. With the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, we learned the importance of keeping things sanitary.

In order to prevent issues before they get started, recognizing that a dumpster pad can either be a cess pool or a clean area that prevents the spread of disease is essential.

Benefits of dumpster pad cleaning and dumpster pad power washing include:

  • Clean and organized appearance
  • Tells prospective customers your company is clean and organized (if they see your dumpster)
  • Helps prevent the spread of disease
  • Prevent rodent & insect issues
  • Helps rid of nasty smells!
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Final Thoughts

When it comes to maintaining your commercial property, the exterior is equally important to the interior. And while we might not think of our dumpster pads every day, it is essential to have them cleaned every few months.

Dumpster pad cleaning is better when it’s done regularly, not when it gets out of hand and there are potentially bigger issues! Be sure to contact us today if you have questions about our dumpster pad cleaning services and packages!

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