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Commercial Pressure Washing – What to Know!

You own a commercial property and you want to keep it looking nice, we get it.

Curb appeal isn’t just reserved for homeowners, it is also reserved for commercial property owners, small business owners and property mangaement companies.

In fact – it is even more important for a commercial property to look clean and new then it is a home sometimes!


Because customers like visiting places that are clean. The small details matter when consumers are looking to spend their money. That is why we are going to share why commercial pressure washing is so valuable for commercial properties!

Today you will learn:

  1. What commercial pressure washing is
  2. What can be pressured washed
  3. Other ways to keep your property in tip-top shape!

Commercial Pressure Washing 101

Let’s take a deep dive into commercial pressure washing and what it has to offer, starting with first, what is commercial pressure washing anyway?

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What is Commercial Pressure Washing?

Commercial Pressure Washing is a form of deep cleaning that uses a pressure washer with a mixture of highly-pressurized water and a cleaning solution to be able to rid your exterior portion of your commercial property of unnecessary build-up of a whole host of bad actors. 

Having the exterior of a commercial property cleaned regularly can actually help to remove health hazards. Mildew and mold may adversely impact a person’s health. Eliminating these items from around the small business/property may reduce the threat to a person’s health, but also add curb appeal!

If a customer suffers from allergies, it’s crucial to consider having the exterior washed in the spring. You may blame the flowers and plants near your small business location watery eyes and sneezing. However, it’s possible there are areas of mold and mildew clinging to your business location!

Benefits of commercial pressure washing:

The list of benefits for keeping the exterior of your commercial property clean and looking good are endless, especially for daycares, restaurants, and businesses with high foot traffic!

Pressure washing patios, walkways, the exterior of the building gives the customers something to smile about, instead of worrying about getting gum off their shoes or looking at dark stains.

That being said, a list of benefits includes:

  • Curb appeal for your business
  • Customers are attracted to neat and orderly-looking properties
  • Welcoming property
  • Health benefits
  • Higher resale value (not kidding)
  • Many more

Our Pressure Washing Methods –

When you think of pressure washing, it’s not as easy as many think. From knowing what to pressure wash, what not to pressure wash, how much chemicals/surfactants are required and more – commercial pressure washing is very technical.

That being said, we don’t ever mind sharing our process here:

We gather materials:

  • Pressure washer (Extension Pole/Telescoping Wand ~Optional)
  • Soap/Solution
  • 10-20 gallon Bucket 
  • Spray Nozzle w/Spray tips and Syphon tube (for soap/solution)
  • Garden hose and access to a water faucet
  • Eye Goggles
  • Plastic covering

Next, we set the stage and prep

  • Use plastic covering on any light fixtures, outdoor furniture, shrubbery/flowers, or any outdoor items in the surrounding area to avoid impact damage
  • Close all windows and doors tightly 
  • Pour soap/solution in the 10-20 gallon bucket, placing the siphon tube in it afterward
  • Hook up pressure washer w/garden hose connected to a water faucet 
  • Prepare Nozzle necessary spray tip, categorized by angle and/or width.

We wash!

  • Turn on the faucet!
  • Spray vertically/horizontally in a steady motion top to bottom on only the surface intended to be washed, typically 1-2 feet away. Never attempt to spray anyone! Cleaning higher stories may require an additional investment of an extension pole/telescoping wand. 
  • Let the solution sit for 5-10 min; avoid direct sunlight! 
  • Remove siphon tube, press button on nozzle to remove excess soap/solution, and spray cleaned surface down again. 
  • This is important to know how long to leave on soaps, and when to remove.

What we Commercial Pressure Wash

As mentioned before, the purpose of a pressure wash is to use high pressure to remove caked on algae, mold, mildew, paint, grime, etc., which you otherwise couldn’t remove. 

That being said, there are obviously different surfaces that can handle so much pressure before resulting in costly damage. 

CAN be pressure washed:

  • Garage floors/driveways/sidewalks/stairways/patios
  • Fencing
  • Wood decks
  • Vinyl/brick exteriors 

CAN’T be pressure washed:

  • Painted Surfaces 
  • Aged Surfaces 
  • Roofs
  • Stained Wood surfaces 

Never Pressure Wash Your Properties Roof! 

If a company says they pressure wash commercial roofs, run! Asphalt shingles must be soft-washed!

Pressure washing your roof is not only a serious safety hazard due to its ability to recoil powerfully and cause an accident, but it also can loosen roof shingles that may make the roof’s foundation vulnerable to the elements. 

Be Smart. Roof cleaning is not a DIY job. Hire a professional. 

How to Find a Local Pressure Washing Company

A simple “near me” search will allow you to compare prices and services in your area. May vary on where you live. In fact, one of my favorite websites to go to is when it comes to finding local businesses that can service your needs. 

I’m going to let you in on a secret!

One of the best local companies in the DMV that has been a constant, reliable support team that’ll do the best job is Bright Exterior Cleaning. Their commitment to fast communication, knowledgeable skill sets, and efficiency puts them on top of my list of companies I’d hire! Check them out to get a free quote! 

Finding a local pressure washing company is a smart choice to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of a buildings’s exterior. You get what you pay for, so Cost-effectiveness is key! Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best.  

Save yourself some time, money, and unneeded hassle like I mentioned by doing your research and investing with a long-term mindset! 

Get a monthly package!

The best way to stay on top of your pressure washing and exterior is to use a monthly or annual pressure washing package.

This option saves money and helps you not worry about headaches by using a steady and committed team like BEC. We offer discounts and similar to landscaping companies, real estate agents, and we do the work accordingly in agreement to what best suits a property or small business.

Final Word on Commercial Pressure Washing:

Commercial Pressure Washing is probably the last item on the to-do list for small business owners, but it should be more of a top priority. Built on grime, mildew, mold, etc., can cause exterior damage and be costly to repair if overlooked and/or not treated correctly. 

Not to mention, customers don’t want to see dirt, grime, gum, and rundown-looking buildings when they’re spending money!

Honestly, for the number of times you do it, and the risk/reward involved, contact a professional to get the job done. Commercial pressure washing is a very technical cleaning method, and it is very time-consuming/needs to be done correctly!

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