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Hospital Cleaning: Keeping the Outside Clean & Safe

Exterior Hospital Cleaning –

Stating the obvious – COVID-19 brought about significant changes to our lives – is a bit redundant at this point, and we get that.

While there have been countless drawbacks to how we go about our daily lives since the onset of the 2020 Pandemic, one very apparent thing is that sanitation, disinfection, and cleanliness are of the utmost importance during times like these.

However, cleanliness and sanitation should always be a priority regardless of a Pandemic, especially within hospitals and medical centers. Unfortunately, sometimes something serious ends up being the nudge that gives things moving in the right direction.

In this article today, we will share the following:

  • Exterior Hospital Cleaning (What it is)
  • Areas & Surfaces outside to be cleaned
  • How to go about locating exterior cleaning services

First, what are exterior hospital cleaning services anyway?

exterior hospital cleaning

Contrary to what you might think, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) changes are generally few and far between. Cleaning and sanitation must occur on the inside, but what about the outside?

Exterior cleaning and sanitation services are a growing trend simply due to COVID-19 and the direct threat of the virus. And while there is so much emphasis on cleaning the inside of a hospital (rightfully so), often not much thought about the outside occurs. An area that can be a Petrie dish for bacteria – especially at a hospital.

A 2018 article/study found that there is now enough evidence to demonstrate that maintaining the hygiene of the hospital environment helps prevent infections. Now, if you’re like us, we are all reading that last statement and going, “No duh!”

But the real question is, does this change behavior and cleaning methods?

The answer is that prior to the COVID-19 virus, sanitation occurrences were in a fixed state as far as practices went. However, now many businesses are changing that. Below, we share the most common exterior cleaning services for hospitals!

Mitigating and preventing infection before they ever come inside!

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Exterior Hospital Cleaning Services

To what extent your hospital or medical building needs services is ultimately determined by the maintenance team and management. Below is a list of standard services to help keep high-traffic and high-touch areas clean & sanitized.

Pressure Washing & Power Washing

Pressure washing refers to highly pressurized water used to clean exterior services and rid them of grim/build-up. Adding the element of heated water for tougher stains is considered power washing. It’s ok to interchange the terms, but knowing the difference is essential when you’re sanitizing surfaces.

Both pressure and power washing are very beneficial for not just appearance but for cleanliness, and depending on the surface, specific techniques must be used. Surfactants and soaps aid in the cleaning process, and to sanitize, a low-grade bleach solution can be used.

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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a different process altogether, depending on the roof. In most cases, the roof of a hospital or medical building is flat and has many variables and factors involved. Regardless, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cleaned, which is why we offer a variety of roof cleaning services depending on the project.

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Walkway Cleaning

Perhaps one of the most critical areas to have cleaned regularly is the walkway or patio areas located at hospitals. From gum and spit to trash and just general foot traffic, these walkway areas can quickly become gross-looking and a place for bacteria/viruses to grow.

This is why many commercial companies and hospitals regularly use walkway/patio power washing services.

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Curb & Gutter Cleaning

Next to the sidewalk is often a curb, which is met by a gutter line that eventually flows to a sewer. These areas might not be places people walk necessarily, but they can become clogged and dirty over time. Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning, we offer sidewalk, curb, and gutter line cleaning services for hospitals and commercial real estate properties.

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Window & Door Cleaning

Most hospitals are tall; therefore, reaching the windows is a bit of a stretch (figuratively and literally). Knowing this, having the windows cleaned for appearance is important but so is cleaning the doors that are often touched by patients.

Door handles are one of the most common places disease and viruses can grow, which is why having those areas, along with your windows, cleaned regularly is essential!

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Reclaim is a unique service generally reserved for large-scale cleaning projects like a parking garages or a… hospitals! Below you can find an entire article that explains the process, but reclaim is when the water that is used to clean is essentially recycled!

The process requires a level of technicality and the reclaim system!

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Other Services

Just about any type of exterior cleaning service you can think of or need is possible. For example, here at Bright Exterior Cleaning, we offer Water Tower Cleaning just to give you an example. That said, if you have something that needs to be cleaned like a dumpster pad area or large AC vents, just let us know here!

How to find an exterior cleaning & power washing company:

commercial pressure washing

Locating a company that can perform exterior cleaning and power washing isn’t as simple as just searching for one.

For starters, as you saw earlier in this article about the variety of services a Hospital would want to be cleaned, what you might have noticed is that these services are not to be completed by someone who has a power washer in their garage.

So while you can search online for a pressure washing company to clean your hospital or medical building, there are things you will want to stay mindful of in your search, including:

  1. Does the company have large-scale commercial cleaning experience?
  2. How long will a project of the size and scope of a hospital take the company to complete?
  3. Pricing, what does it cost, and is pricing up front?
  4. With pedestrians and patients, how does the pressure washing company navigate things like entrances?
  5. What equipment will they need to have available?

Asking these questions should help you select the right licensed power/pressure washing company. Obviously, to inquire about the hospital cleaning services we offer at Bright Exterior Cleaning, simply tap the button below!

Note: Scientific data saying that exterior cleaning prevents COVID-19 or any disease for that matter, is not generally produced, and by no means is Bright Exterior Cleaning saying that if you sanitize and clean the exterior of your building you will prevent or stop COVID-19. While it is generally acknowledged that cleaner surfaces and sanitation efforts can help mitigate the spread of viruses, infections, and diseases, please understand that there are variables at play in every scenario.

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