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If you’re a business owner or simply just a manager at a large chain grocery store, I’m sure you’ve come across those times where you needed to break out the cleaning supplies and spruce the place up.

Ad when you come across heftier chores that need some more power and elbow grease- such as cleaning your outdoor patios and walkways – it can sound like a tough task.

Luckily, you have searched it up as you did, but hey, you came to the right place to learn about commercial patio pressure washing!

If you’re like 99% of people, you probably learn and research before you take on a larger scale cleaning duty, but for those who like to do it themselves, I must warn you in advance that patio and walkway cleaning is a technique-driven style of cleaning that uses a pressure washer, which means soaps, chemicals, and a pressure washer.

We are going to walk you through what commercial patio and walkway cleaning entail, the process to do it, and how you can find the right company to do it!   

What is Commercial Walkway and Patio Cleaning? 

commercial pressure washing

Commercial walkway and patio cleaning first and foremost is not for residential care, rather for business properties.

The responsibility falls on the business owner to maintain the upkeep of their establishment, and with the unpredictability of the elements, you might just stumble upon a heaping mess that is calling your name! 

Traditionally, a pressure washer is used in the process to clean off built-on mildew, algae, mold, bird droppings and remove discoloration from concrete surfaces, the main type of surface most establishments have for their patios and walkways.

Not a huge difference from cleaning pressure washing a house, but fewer variables to account for so to speak.

Concrete is pretty low-maintenance when it comes to outdoor surfaces, but from time to time you’ll have to deal with an accumulation of dirt, moss, and possible staining. Despite its tough exterior, unsealed concrete is porous and easily absorbs soils and liquids, which can lead to tough-to-remove stains on your sidewalk, walkway or driveway. 

But with proper equipment and technique, you’ll be able to safely remove dirt and stains as well as discoloration from weathering, mildew stains, and deeply-embedded dirt buildup, and protect the area from possible future damage. 

Here is a step by step guide to clean YOUR walkways and patios!

Pressure Washing Patios Yourself:

When you think of pressure washing, it’s easy to overcomplicate the matter, but is pretty simple! Follow these steps and you’ll be in the clear:

Gather Materials! 

  • Pressure washer (Extension Pole/Telescoping Wand ~Optional)
  • Soap/Solution
  • Spray Nozzle w/Spray tips and Syphon tube (for soap/solution)
  • Commercial-use only carrier tank (Store soap/solution)*
  • Eye Goggles
  • Plastic covering

Set the stage!

  • Use plastic covering on any light fixtures, outdoor furniture, shrubbery/flowers, or any outdoor items in the surrounding area to avoid impact damage
  • Close all windows and doors tightly 
  • Prepare Soap/solution in the carrier tank*, placing the syphon tube in it afterward
  • Hook up pressure washer to an outdoor faucet from the establishment or truck* if available.
  • Prepare Nozzle w/necessary spray tip, categorized by angle and/or width.
  • Wear your Goggles!

Power or Pressure Wash!

  • Turn on the faucet!
  • Spray vertically/horizontally in a steady motion top to bottom on only the surface intended to be washed typically 1-2 feet away. Never attempt to spray anyone!
  • Cleaning higher stories may require an additional investment of an extension pole/telescoping wand 
  • Let the solution sit for 5-10 min, avoid direct sunlight! 
  • Remove siphon tube, press button on the nozzle to remove excess soap/solution, spray cleaned surface down again. 
  • *If not contracted out by a 3rd party, then a 20-gallon buck would be a good holder of the soap/solution, but additional hassle to do it yourself! 

How do I find a Commercial Pressure Washing Company?

A simple “Pressure Washing Near Me” search will allow you to compare prices and services in your area. May vary depending on the location of your establishment.

Finding a local pressure washing company is a smart choice to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of the walkways and patio of your business. Save yourself some time, money, and unneeded hassle like I mentioned by doing your research and investing with a long-term mindset! 

Boiling it down to major key points, here’s what you must consider:


Hire the best commercial power washing company! 

By following these 6 tips, you can make sure you hire the right power washing company for you. If you’re searching for a power washing company, Bright Exterior Cleaning is the company for you

Final Thought! 

In this day and age, there is a lot of advertisement of what will be, but not a lot of action to fulfill that part. Business can’t be business without ownership and accountability up front that’s what we’re all about! 

Getting your Walkways and Patio all spruced up is one of the multitudes of services that leave our clients feeling happy and excited with the perfect setting and cleanliness to make memories count forever! That’s how we saw it, and see it still! Look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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