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Fleet Power & Pressure Washing – Keeping your Vehicles Clean!

When it comes to fleet power washing services, your company has to make the best pick.

Everything from the visibility of your logo to the condition of your company’s vehicles matters. In the fast-paced consumer environment, first appearances can make a huge impression. But regularly cleaning vehicles in your fleet is also essential for their durability and upkeep.

Today, we will share your need-to-know information regarding fleet pressure washing and fleet power washing (we will elaborate on the difference, too) and how to make the most of it!

Pressure Washing Fleet Vehicles & What to Know:

If you were to do a little research on fleet cleaning services or truck washing, what you might quickly find out is that many companies really don’t have a solid plan for tackling their truck washing.

Some will complete the process in-house, and others will look for a pressure washing company to help complete their fleet pressure washing on occasion. For understanding, pressure washing is the use of highly pressurized water to assist in removing dirt, gunk, build-up, and other debris. Power washing is when heated water is added to the pressured water, resulting in removing tougher stains.

Often time most fleets simply require pressure washing, but in some cases (like garbage trucks) you might need the assistance of heat (power washing). Fleet pressure washing refers to completing a large-scale washing project all at once, serving multiple commercial vehicles.

Many companies look to outsource this service for a few reasons, which we elaborate on below.

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Why you need to Power Wash/Pressure Wash your fleet:

fleet washing services

If one thing is for certain, it is that work trucks attract dirt and need regular cleaning.

Fleet vehicles that travel long distances to deliver items or are used in the construction field regularly stay dirty. The issue with this is not only can advertising messages be missed, but you could also actually receive a ticket (think license plates covered in dirt/mud).

In order to keep the professional image, the best option is to hire a pressure washing company to get rid of the road grime and debris.

That said, there are also many benefits to hiring out for regular cleaning:

  1. It saves your janitorial staff and drivers time. By utilizing a fleet pressure washing service, you are ultimately saving time and, thus, saving money – more on that later.
  2. Keeps your company in compliance with EPA regulations. Many local governments might have rules and regulations when large-scale commercial vehicles are washed.
  3. A mobile fleet wash service prevents your company’s purchase of expensive washing materials & bays.
  4. It can be done at night! Most companies utilize mobile pressure washing companies to help to complete their truck washing services at night when the vehicles are not in use.

How Pressure Washing fleet vehicles can actually for itself:

One of the smartest investments is to outsource work that doesn’t make you money.

We have already established that a clean truck is important, but always doing it yourself or having the workers who manage the fleets do it can consume time and energy. Outsourcing labor saves money – it is that simple.

In many cases, a mobile fleet washing company will be more efficient and meet your needs. Washing water recovery systems and meeting EPA guidelines can be extremely costly if you decide to install your own equipment/wash bays.

With the ability to reuse water and produce less waste, a movie pressure washing unit can implore a water recovery system that helps with environmental standards. From protecting groundwater to regulations from local governments, sometimes washing services not only clean your vehicles – they keep your company in compliance.

It is vital to always check to see if your local laws mandate water recovery when completing massive washing services. For example, a fleet of 200 delivery vehicles will use way more water and create more waste materials compared to someone pressure washing their home.

In short, hiring a fleet pressure washing unit will help you save money and potentially reduce maintenance calls!

Common vehicles that utilize fleet pressure washing:

fleet pressure washing company

Below are some of the most common fleet trucks that will use professional pressure washing and power washing services:

  • Garbage trucks
  • Semi-trucks/tractor trailers
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Dump trucks
  • Landscaping trucks
  • Companies with a fleet of commercial vehicles
  • Construction companies will use pressure washing for their heavy equipment

Why use Bright Exterior pressure washing for your fleet:

When it comes to hiring a fleet washing company, you can’t go with any Joe who owns a hardware store pressure washer.

The sheer scale of what it takes to complete a fleet pressure washing project on schedule and efficiently is a project well beyond what general maintenance or janitorial staff can handle. Working with many commercial clients, we have developed several systems that make our pressure washing simply more efficient.

Here is what we mean:

  • Pressure Washing – Having a vehicle washed correctly takes time and expertise. Using pressure helps complete the task, but there are specific pressure washers that are needed to appropriately service and entire fleet.
  • Power Washing (Adding Heat) – Knowing when you need the assistance of heat is vital for fleet washing.
  • Angles & Correct Settings – Pressure ashing a straight brick wall is one thing; hitting the angles and smaller features on a truck with the right PSI is an entirely different type of washing. We offer some of the best cleaning techniques, soap blends, and proper settings for PSI.
  • Water Recovery – Utilizing the right pressure washer reduces waste and also, with recovery systems, saves water usage

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