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5 Church Exterior Cleaning Tips

Are you looking to clean the exterior of your church? When it comes to Church Exterior Cleaning aka power washing and pressure washing

Working to tend to the congregation at your church is properly the first thing on your mind and rightfully so, but pay close attention, people are not the only thing you should take care of on a daily basis. 

A church is a home away from home for many, but it still is home and therefore requires proper maintenance in exterior cleaning just like yours. If this somehow brought you to the realization you’ve been slacking, hey no worries! Glad you’re here.

Today, We will be discussing church exterior cleaning tips you should know to make sure the Church exterior is looking clean, tidy, and fresh for Sunday! Let’s go!

Why is it important? 

As mentioned before, the church is a home, and all homes need to be cleaned! Failure to do proper maintenance and care of your church’s exterior can not only undermine its structural integrity but also seriously ruin its curb appeal, making it an unattractive let alone potentially unsafe building to hold your Sunday services and/or daily operations. 

Exterior cleaning is all about being proactive, and truth is told, the more you act effectively, the fewer problems will arise! Enough talk, let’s get into it!

5 Church Exterior Cleaning Tips 

church exterior cleaning

Below are some exterior cleaning tips you should always keep in mind when you have a company clean the outside of a church.

1. Pressure wash your exterior siding/exterior walls

Exterior walls accumulate organic grime. Factors such as the sun and participation can increase or decrease the amount of build-up or stains.

During the fall and winter, due to the harshness of colder temperatures, can result in the build-up of salt residue and dirt, which can give your siding a discolored look and damage its curb appeal. Take a power washer, spray on a coating of detergent/concentrated cleaner, and adjust the pressure depending on your siding’s material, then clean it off 15-20 min afterward. 

Using the proper PSI is always important when power washing or pressure washing the exterior of commercial property like a church, so be sure to always hire correctly!

2. Clean Roofing Extensions 

The winter does not take too kindly to your roofing extensions such as your gutters, awnings, and so forth, and can also cause some underlying damage that may go unnoticed. Taking serious precautions, stand on a ladder and assess your roof extensions, removing any excess leaves and organic matter that may cause structural stress or clog your gutters. 

Get back down and take your pressure washing and use a curved extension wand on low pressure to clean your gutters out! Periodic inspections go a long way in preventing damage. 

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3. Clean Roofing Shingles 

Roofing Shingles are the first line of defense against the elements for your church’s roof, but because they defend, doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t defend them. Roof shingles should be cleaned with a mixture of water and concentrated cleaner via a spraying attachment on your garden hose, left for 15-20 min, and cleaned in full with only water.

Inspect roofing shingles periodically, and leave it up to your local roofing company to do the job for you. Keep in mind most roof maintenance jobs require extensive expertise due to risk and complexity of the job. This is NOT a DIY type of job! 

4. Clean Windows/Doors 

Just like siding, winter can build up dirt, grime, and salt residue on windows and doors! Simply take your hose and give it a nice spray of water and afterward if necessary, mix in a little bit of detergent or dish soap via a spraying attachment on your hose and spray it down a second time (3rd w/water). Scrub if necessary, but avoid material that gives scratches! 

Screens can be cleaned with simple water and vinegar/rubbing alcohol mixture.

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5. Clean Walkways/Driveways/Parking Lots 

commercial pressure washing

Cleaning these with a pressure washer helps boost the curb appeal of your church’s exterior by helping to get rid of dirt, oil stains, leaves, moss, mildew, or anything unsightly for that matter.  This is a great preventative measure to ensure anything that is not supposed to grow in these areas, has a hard time doing so! 

The pressure washer saves you big time on time and elbow grease, making it a very efficient way to clean such affected areas. Make your walkways, driveways, and parking lots look fresh and in top shape for your congregation. 

Don’t forget to clean the dumpster pad! Often times dumpster pads located in the rear of a church or building can attract unwanted rodents, creatures, and smells. Be sure to always have your dumpster pad regularly power washed!

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Need More Help? 

Not all exterior cleaning jobs at your church are created equal, meaning they require more knowledge and expertise! Don’t be afraid to get in contact with your local exterior cleaning company as they will better be able to assess your situation and point you in the right direction! 

What’s the Verdict? 

Exterior cleaning of your Church follows the same principles as if it were your house, but perhaps on a bigger or smaller scale. No need to overcomplicate the process if you follow these tips! Remember always to stay proactive about your Church’s exterior and be on top of periodic maintenance that comes due. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! 

When in doubt, give us a call! We are more than welcome to help and serve your needs to the best of our ability here at Bright Exterior Cleaning!

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