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Deck Washers – What to Know About Power Washing Your Deck

Deck washers, power washing your deck, pressure washing your deck – these might all sound familiar. In all honesty, these terms can be used interchangeably and mean one and the same… a clean deck!

Cleaning your deck from debris, stains, and organic buildup is deck cleaning and it is something that is recommended to complete every 3-5 years at a minimum. Proper deck washing will help with restoring your deck, keeping it in great shape, and helping with exterior appeal.

Today, we will review the most vital deck washing things to know as you the homeowner search for a deck washer near you!

Note: This article is not about deck washers the washers used to fasten artificial deck boards.

Deck Power Washing & Pressure Washing

deck washing guide

How to Find a Deck Washer Near You

While the term deck washer might signal to your brain to imagine someone on their hands and knees scrubbing a deck with a sponge. That is not usually the approach most take. Instead, most of the time deck washing refers to power washing a deck followed by sealing it or staining it (you don’t have to stain or seal your deck, but be sure to ask and get a professional opinion).

Deck washing might seem like something you do on your own with ease, but it is very easy to mess up and can take a large portion of your weekend as far as time is concerned. That is why we recommend always consulting with a professional power washing company.

To find a deck washer near you simply:

  1. Search online for “Deck Washing Near Me” or “Deck Washers Near Me”
  2. Use Facebook or social media to ask for a recomendation
  3. Always ask people in your network who they would recommend

Get a few quotes and rough estimates over the phone (this saves you and the contractor time, trust us) and from there set up a time to schedule an appointment for an estimate. On average, deck washers will price power washing based on:

  • The size of your deck
  • The surface’s material
  • The condition of your deck

For example, a really old and dirty deck will require more time and cleaning than a deck with a few stains here and there. Either way, you shouldn’t see a bill of over $500 in most cases for deck cleaning. What might be more important than the price though is the proper work done with the correct PSI levels!

Deck Washing PSI Standards

Finding a professional pressure washing/power washing company matters when deck washing, largely in part to the fact that the wrong PSI can cause damage in a worst-case scenario.

When it comes to deck washing, the PSI matters. PSI or pounds per square inch refers to the amount of pressure coming out of a power washer or pressure washer when it makes contact with a surface. We will save the pressure washing horror stories, but one client used too high of a PSI one time and caused damage to their Trex surface which actually led to cracks and more stains over time.

PSI is determined by the surface’s material. For example, most decks when power washed are made up of softer wood, therefore a PSI of 500-600 is used. Harder words can withstand more pressure, with PSI at 1200.

Renting a Power Washer or Pressure Washer

In most cases, some homeowners will always elect to be part of the DIY crew and do it themselves. If you are the person that has to rent a power washer and do it yourself, be sure to do your research ahead of time.

You can also use a deck cleaner to aid you in your DIY deck cleaning process. Either way, there are places you can rent a power washer from such as:

  1. Home Depot
  2. Lowes
  3. Ace Hardware
  4. Sunbelt Rentals
  5. Other rental companies

Below, we have a guide when it comes to doing a DIY deck power washing you can check out, just always be sure to be prepared with supplies, equipment, and expertise. While spraying off your deck might be what you envision you’re doing, there is more than meets the eye than you might expect when power washing or pressure washing your deck!

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The Verdict – Hire a Deck Washer

In most cases, you will want to hire a deck washing professional to help you clean your home’s deck. There are too many small things to hassle with and to be honest, you don’t want to damage your deck.

Most homeowners are quickly surprised at how cheap it is to have their deck power washed and it often makes sense to package your deck cleaning with something like a gutter cleaning or roof cleaning.

Not to mention, by the time you rent a power washer and buy the required supplies, in most cases you’re already approaching the cost you would pay to have someone else do it! At that point you have to ask yourself, how much is your time worth?

FAQ Deck Washer Questions:

How much does it cost to power wash your deck?

The cost to power wash your deck will vary depending on a number of factors such as regional price variations, size of the deck, the complexity of the work being done, but the average price range for power washing services falls between $230 – $380 nationally. Price match in your area to get the best deal!

Is it worth hiring someone to power wash my deck?

Absolutely! Naturally, with home improvement projects, we are inclined that we are more than capable of doing it ourselves, and that very well might be the case, but with every decision, there are marginal costs such as the potential risk of injury or property damage, which far outweigh the benefits of doing it yourself. 

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