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The 8 Most Common Power Washing Concerns

Recently, we answered some of the most frequently asked pressure and power washing questions which also happened to address common concerns customers have as it pertains to power washing and pressure washing.

As we began to answer questions related to power/pressure washing services, prices, and expertise – we recognized that the average homeowner might not understand everything involved with pressure washing. OR, in some cases, homeowners have had not-so-pleasant experiences with previous power washing companies.

This is why today, we will address the most common pressure and power washing concerns you might have!

Common Pressure & Power Washing Concerns

common power washing concerns

Real quick, whenever we complete a pressure washing or power washing project (whether for a home or commercial property) these are the things that are most often expressed by the owner as an area of concern:

  • Landscaping, will it be impacted?
  • What about security cameras?
  • Do windows get cleaned or are they part of the process?
  • Do I need to be home?
  • Cash, check, credit card payment – which do you prefer?
  • What kind of schedule do you guys run, timelines?
  • Why would I ever need power or pressure washing service?
  • Should I just rent a pressure washer myself? Or should I buy it on my own?

And while the list could include a few more, these happen to be some of the most common power washing concerns we hear about. Below you will find a few more details regarding each topic form above!


A common power washing concern is protecting your landscaping. When completing a home wash, roof wash, or commercial cleaning, one of the things we always factor is landscaping. Protecting landscaping is of the upmost concern and doing so requires knowledge.

Whether it is covering (and then watering plants frequently when it is hot) your landscaping or strategically planning our power washing options, landscape protection is vital.

Security Cameras

Protecting security cameras is the next thing you have to pay close attention to when doing a house wash or commercial cleaning. While most outdoor cameras are water resistant, that doesn’t mean you should blast them with a power washer. This is why we cover and seal them off for any job we do.

Other outdoor fixtures

In some cases, there are other outdoor fixtures to take into consideration before using power or pressure washers. A common concern of some clients is protecting these unique outdoor fixtures such as special lights or windows, for example. Instances like this mean prior communication and planning to make sure everything is protected.


Of course, payment is always a common concern, and in most cases, depending on the power washing company you decide to use some will require 50% upfront or 100% at the end. Sometimes this is flexible depending on the size and scope of the work. Proper contracts, agreements, and payments are a security blanket for both the client and business owner.

So while a common concern might be payment, at the same time proper payment methods are also a plus for protection purposes!

Being at Home

A lot of homeowners will ask, “Do I need to be home when you pressure wash my house?”

The answer is that it doesn’t matter. If you want to be home that is fine, but if you have to be at work that is OK too. That said, when you are at home there are some cases where you might have to move your car or stay out of the way as you might get wet :). Also, if you are gone, we always communicate prior to doing work and call/communicate if there is any questions.


What services do you offer for pressure washing? Perhaps not a concern, buy a FAQ, the services we offer include:


Prices may vary might be the number one infomercial phrase of all time. But when it comes to power and pressure washing, prices are pretty uniform and boil down to the size and length of time the job will take. Expertise and supplies are also factored into pricing structures.

You can read all about how much power and pressure washing costs here.

Renting or Buying Equipment

Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer? The average homeowner that buys a pressure washer will use it just one time in a three-year period. On the other hand, renting a power washer will typically run on average right around $100. But a common concern for homeowners is not just the price for renting a power washer, but how long it takes to use it and knowing HOW to use it.

  • What PSI setting should you use?
  • How much soap and surfactants should you use?
  • Can you power wash a roof? (the answer is no by the way)

The act of simply buying or renting a power washer isn’t as easy as 1,2,3. That is why we recommend in most cases, reaching out to a professional power and pressure washing company!

Final Word

As you can see, there are quite a few things to take into consideration with it comes to power and pressure washing. While at first glance the act of power/pressure washing might seem like just spraying off your driveway or house, when you really get down to it you realize you there is more to it than what meets the eye.

That is ok, because in most cases we got you covered! Simply reach out here if you have a question or be sure to explore or extensive library of information regarding power washing, pressure washing, and exterior cleaning!

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