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Exterior School Cleaning (Pressure Washing & Surface Cleaning)

School pressure washing seems pretty straightforward, right?

Basically, our team shows up, brings some hoses and soap with us, and within a few hours we spray off the sides of your school. Except this is not the case at all.

When it comes to large scale power and pressure washing project like a school building, there is a lot that goes into it which comes in three main phases:

  1. Planning & notifying
  2. Prepping
  3. Executing

Today, we will cover the pressure washing basics for schools and daycares and break down each of the phases as well as help you identify potential pressure washing services.

School Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning

First, what is school pressure washing?

school pressure washing

School pressure washing simply refers to the general exterior cleaning of a school buidling. This can mean cleaning the roof, the walls, the sidewalks, the parking lot, gutters, and more!

Because the exterior surfaces of a building tend to accumulate more organic build-up in the form of algea, mold, dirt, grime, bird droppings, and stains – pressurized washing and surfatants are often required to make the job possible.

Pressure washing removes the grime from the exterior surfaces making it cleaner, safer, and with the potential to even disinfect surfaces safely.

Whats the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

Pressure washing and power washing are different terms, but they are often used interchangably with the only key difference being the heated temperature of the water in power washing.

Below, you will find some of the common surfaces we clean at schools:

Quick List of Potential School Pressure Washing Services:

School Pressure Washing Steps:

Below are the steps we take to execute any large scale commercial or school pressure washing project. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, just reach out here:

1. Planning & Notifying

planning pressure washing

The phases of exterior pressure washing for a school starts with a large scale planning iniative. Depending ont he size of the job there are tactical ways to go about pressure washing the exerior of the school. Factors we have to consider include:

  • Students and staff arrivals & departures
  • Chemical solutions and touching (think playground)
  • Weather
  • Sections

While there are a few other factors that might come up, the first few that are always iminent are the kids and staff and the plan to attack larger sections. For example, if students arrive between 8:00-9:00 and leave at 4:00, the cleaning window might only be 9:30 to 3:30.

Strategically planning – like starting in the back then doing the front the next day – is imporatnt to operate a full-scale school exterior cleaning. The height is always a factor and the scope of the work. In some instances we are cleaning two and three floor buildings, we must use a lift to reach those areas.

However, these are all things we take care of and to help you, we usually construct a plan then turn it over for final approval based on the pressure washing project!

2. Prepping

pressure washing prep

Power washing a house is simple, a school on the other hand, requires quite a bit of prepping. In addition to strategic planning, there is a lot of prep that goes into power/pressure washing large exterior buildings.

We often use gutters, hoses, and soap solutions alongside our equipment, but that doesn’t factor covering doors and acessing water sources. Depending on the school/daycare we are pressure washing, we prep accordingly to make sure we are able to complete the work in an efficent manner.

3. Executing

pressure washing school

As long as we do step one and two correctly, when the day arrives and it is time to get to work we are usually super efficent with out pressure washing. Most school buildings will take a few days to mitigate the chance of cleaners getting in the way of student and staff entering the building.

We often will work through the night if neccessary to accomodate certain porjects and once the job is done, there is noticable differnce! To learn more about our commercial pressure washing services, click here to read in depth!

The Verdict on Exterior School Cleaning

Chances are, if you happen to be the leader at your school or a manager at a daycare, the exteiror of your building is the LEAST of your concern. We understand that.

Managing staff, helping kids, and keeping your school center operating smoothly are more important in many cases. However, the attention your school building’s exterior needs will pop up periodically. Most schools will need pressure washing at least 1-2x per 10 years on average.

The team here at Bright Exterior Cleaning is here to make that process smooth. To get a free consultation, reach out here!

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