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Exterior Apartment Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services [Guide]

Are you looking for information regarding exterior apartment pressure washing?

Pressure washing, power washing, and pressure wash; are three words that can universally describe the exterior cleaning process for a commercial or residential property. Pressure washing services for apartments or an apartment complex require additional preparation procedures to get the job done!

This is why today, we will share our complete guide to exterior apartment complex pressure washing and how our services here at Bright Exterior Cleaning work!

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Exterior Apartment Complex Pressure Watching

You won’t be able to simply rent a power washer or pressure washer to get this type of job done!

Most of what must occur for an apartment complex to get cleaned starts with the following:

  1. Getting a feel for the size and scope of the job
  2. Deciding on services (roof cleaning services, soft wash services, walkway pressure washing services, or a combination of all)
  3. Planning and announcing
  4. Completing the work

Note: While often used interchangeably, pressure washing and power washing have one major difference. Pressure washing is highly pressurized water and power washing is the same, only with the added element of heated water! Usually, power washing is used for more hard to get stains and unclean surfaces.

Benefits of Pressure Washing an Apartment Complex:

Knowing how to pressure wash a house isn’t going to get you very far when it comes to an entire apartment complex. This is why many property management companies have rotational pressure washing every few years for the exterior of their buildings.

Here are just a few benefits of pressure washing an apartment building:

  1. Adds curb appeal to the property and its surroundings
  2. Regular power washing keeps sidewalks, patios, and hard surfaces clean
  3. All the grime, dust, dirt, and gunk that gets built up on the walls of an apartment building can be very obvious and an eyesore for residents
  4. Prevents mold and mildew buildup that can eventually cause damage to surfaces such as a wall, roofs, or walkways. These damages can eventually lead to repairs.
  5. Eco-friendly for the environment since using highly pressurized water
  6. Increases the property value and also can extend the life expectancy of the building.
  7. Helps with sanitation and health (cleaner surfaces).

All of this will help with most apartment complex and property management goals:

Attracting new tenants!

By attracting new tenants and also retaining existing renters, a full occupancy is more likely which means more profit. Not to mention, cleaning is similar to routine maintenance for a car. When you do it regularly it will extend the lifespan of your apartment building by giving the necessary attention to any possible issues.

before pressure washing
after pressure washing

How we pressure wash an apartment building:

First, hiring the correct pressure washing company is a must since this is not a little DIY power wash project.

Unlike your home’s exterior which usually consists of siding or brick, an apartment complex requires specific cleaning agents based on the type of materials that were used to construct the building.

All surfaces can be pressure washed, but the PSI and element of soft washing must be factored in when there are softer materials present such as vinyl siding. The three steps we take when we pressure wash a house are similar to when we pressure wash commercial properties like an apartment building!

1. Notify & Plan

power wash apartment

When we soft wash a home, it is a simple process. The homeowner moves their car, we cover their landscaping and we get to work.

For an entire apartment building, it isn’t as simple.

First, we have to take into account during planning the height of the building and whether an extension wand will do the trick or if we will we need to rent a professional lift (which is usually the answer).

Other factors we have to consider during the planning include access to water, garden hose hookups, the material(s) we will be washing, power lines, lead paint, electrical equipment, and most importantly the size of the project.

However, most of the planning starts with how we will go about:

  1. Notifying tenants of cleaning days
  2. Moving cars and things outside for those cleaning days
  3. Posting notices so tenants have enough time to prepare

2. Stage

pressure washing apartment complex

Once the designated wash dates have been posted and tenants have been notified, there is the staging process that must occur which consists of a few elements.

Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning of Northern Virginia, we first make sure all landscaping and sensitive items are covered appropriately. This includes items such as cameras, electrical equipment that can’t get wet, and other items in addition to landscaping.

Whenever we use a pressure washer, we have to keep in mind the surroundings to make sure not only the cleaning is occurring, but the surrounding fixtures are safe through the process.

Attention to detail and delicacy is our top priority in addition to a job well done

3. Pressure Wash!

pressure washing apartment buildings

When we finally get to start pressure washing, the entire process can be done in one day or over the course of a few days depending on tenants, cars, and the size of the project. Cleaning projects with a few buildings will require multiple days in most cases.

In the event we must complete the project in phases, we factor all of this into our initial planning. For example, in one HOA we completed two buildings a day for four days. The entire project took into account the notifications and staging process.

Pressure cleaning will help get rid of grime, dirt, build-up, and restore dirty surfaces including the:

Good cleaning starts with applying detergent (soap blends) followed by proper wait times and cleaning off.

While some apartment complexes may choose to get a variety of services or just one, we offer pressure washing menu services similar to a restaurant where you can pick and choose what you need. We are also able to give our recommendations for what is the top priority (usually walkways and sides of buildings).

The Verdict –

Most pressure washers are not capable of completing a large pressure washing project such as an apartment building or complex. Apartment complex pressure washing is a very complicated project for the side hustle pressure washing person so we always recommend you contact professionals with licensed experience.

For your pressure washing service, the last thing you want is a company causing damage or making matters worse.

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