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What to Know About Wash Water Recovery & Pressure Washing

In some instances, power washing and pressure washing your commercial property can sometimes require making use of something called “Wash Water Recovery.”

This fancy term is when the water that is used to clean surfaces is collected, filtered, and reused. The process is sometimes required to surface clean concrete or any type of area as water cannot always be disposed of in stormwater drains (this depends on location, project, and other factors).

Today, we will give you a quick glance into how wash water recovery works for power and pressure washing!

What is Wash Water Recovery?

Put simply, wash water recovery is when all of the water used to clean a surface or building is recollected and somehow reused. In essence, water is put down, the dirty water is vacuumed and reused or discharge into a grassy area or flower bed.

Typically, this is used when water cannot go down any stormwater drains to protect the environment.

Think of wash water recovery as similar to how a shop vacuum works, only for water. Similar to a shop vacuum, the water is collected and filtered to be used again or properly disclosed.

When a surface is cleaned (think like a dirty dumpster pad or gas station surface) all of the contaminants that have settled (gas, oil, debris) are now mixed in with the water. If this water enters storm drains and finds its way into creeks, rivers, and larger bodies of water – that can be problematic.

In situations like this, wash water recovery cleaning is required.

Who is Wash Water Recovery Ideal for:

Typically, wash water recovery cleaning is ideal for large power washing/pressure washing projects such as:

Commercial cleaning often uses this process due to the large amount of water required to clean (think of cleaning an entire parking garage). Additionally, with meeting different EPA and local requirements that might be mandated, some cleaning projects require a wash water recovery system in order for the project to be completed.

Our process:

Here at Bright Exterior Cleaning, we have the ability to make use of wash water recovery for our larger commercial cleaning projects. The process to make this happen is below:

  • First, we isolate the area so we can collect the water as we clean
  • Using a wash water recovery system, we are then able to collect the water
  • From there, the water can be transported out and disposed. Other options also include filtering water for reuse purposes such as cleaning or watering landscaping/grass
  • Best to manage large commercial watering projects

Videos of Wash Water Recovery:

Below, you will see some examples of wash water recovery as well as some tips that are super useful.

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