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How Much Does Power Washing Cost? Should You Do It Yourself?

When you think of the word “Power Wash,” it sounds like an effective way to clean tough stains and grime. But you might be wondering, how much does power washing cost?

Think about it, Power + Wash = Life Made Easy!

Power washing can be simple if you know what you’re doing, own a power washer and know what/what not to power wash. However, for most, while power washing might seem simple, it tends to be a bit tricky and the costs are relatively low!

A lot of times, that DIY mentality we get from watching a little too much HGTV can lead us to think we are saving time and money – even some commercial companies might be tempted to do this as well.

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones you don’t make, and before you jump the gun and think you will power wash your commercial property, home, roof, driveway, or sidewalk in a matter of minutes – read up!

Today we will help you understand the following:

  • The difference between power washing and pressure washing
  • Steps to power washing (for the DIY kind)
  • How much does power washing cost?
  • & where to find a power washing company near you

Common Misconception: Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

I am fairly sure you heard the word “pressure washer,” because that’s the term that is more commonly thrown around when it comes to deep-level cleaning like this but did you know that Pressure Washing and Power Washing is different? 

We wrote an entire article you can read about here describing the key differences. The key difference is the element of heat:

  • Pressure Washing uses pressurized water, but at normal temperatures
  • Power Washing uses pressurized water that is heated to help clean further.

Typically, for regular household use, pressure washing is the way to go.

It’s less harsh on surfaces, which makes it ideal for use on things like masonry, brick, and concrete. This is what you want to turn to when you’re looking to give your deck or patio a quick clean. Water used in the process is not heated unlike that of the pressure washer. 

For any larger jobs, like an ample commercial space or an extra big driveway and patio space, go with power washing. The heated water usually helps to make the job go faster since the heat helps to loosen up the dirt. F

or that same reason, though, you must be careful which surfaces you use it on. It’s best to stick to concrete and other hard surfaces when power washing since the hot water’s force can damage softer surfaces. 

How much does Power Washing cost? 

If the above list seems tedious reading it, keep in mind it might be even more challenging actually doing the work! That is why we have put together this guide to figure out how much power washing costs!

power washing price

The cost to power wash a project at your home varies.

For example, power washing your home will be more expensive than your deck, depending on the sizes. Additionally, some things are not technically power-washed.

To help, here are some additional pricing guides:

Power Washing Pricing:

Quick Answer: How much does power washing cost?

On average, power washing can cost anywhere from $0.10-$0.50 per square foot. This means a typical project for a residential home can cost $200 to $800 on average. For larger, commercial jobs, the cost per square foot is often on the lower end, but due to the bigger sizes of commercial properties, the average job can start around $750 and increase from there.

Standard power washing services cost around $0.10-$0.50 per square foot (depending on local rates) on average. However, prices can go as high as $0.40-$0.80 a square foot depending on the pressure washing required.

Factors that determine pressure washing prices include:

  • Type of stains,
  • Amount of dirt,
  • Mold
  • Size of area
  • The complexity of surface and job
  • Other problems/issues that can occur

Typically, at Bright Exterior Cleaning, we let prospective customers know that if they’re looking to have their patio, deck, dumpster, commercial property, fence, or another surface power washed, we have a minimum power washing cost of $350.

This means that if the amount of work totals up to $350 or more, we are a good fit for your job!

Typically, if the square footage and the size of the power washing job are less than $350, using a highly specialized power washing company such as Bright Exterior Cleaning might not be a good fit.

Most power washing companies charge by the square foot, so using the metrics above, you can estimate the following power washing costs of a 15 by 15 patio by doing the following:

  1. 20 x 20 = 400 square feet
  2. 400 square feet X .08 to .035 = $32 to $140

Keep in mind, while this math is simple, the size of the job determines the price due to the equipment, setup, prep etc, and this is just a base square footage power washing price!

Factors such as local competition, the complexity of the work, and holistic demand all matter, but the average price range for power washing services falls between $230 – $380 nationally.

Feel free always to ask us about a quote online!

How to find a Power Washing company near me? 

commercial pressure washing

A professional company is going to have more overhead than some guy who bought his power washer a Lowe’s or Home Depot and throws it in the back of his truck, so don’t use price as the only factor when looking to locate a power washing company “near me.”

Consumer quality power washers usually don’t push out enough PSI’s to do a true deep cleaning on:

  • Concrete Driveways,
  • Brick Patios, and
  • Wood Decks.

To find a power washing company, start with a simple “Power Washing Company Near Me,” search.

power washing near me

Of course, another option is to ask a friend who knows everyone or to hop on Facebook and ask for a recommendation!

Finding a local power washing company is a wise choice to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your home’s exterior. You get what you pay for, so Cost-effectiveness is critical! Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best. 

Save yourself some time, money, and unneeded hassle, like I mentioned, by doing your research and investing with a long-term mindset!  

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Steps to Power Wash on Your Own:

When power washing a home, sidewalk, driveway, deck – you name it – on your own, it often results in you biting off a little more than you can chew.

In a second, we will share the steps to do it on your own if you insist, and we don’t say this to scare you, but it is essential to recognize that power washing is more than just blasting water up against your house.

Knowing what PSI to leverage, what soaps/chemicals to use and how much, and how to use proper ladder safety are all vital in addition to the time it takes.

Get Power Washing Materials Together

  • Power Washer (Extension Pole/Telescoping Wand ~Optional)
  • Soap/Solution
  • 10-20 gallon Bucket 
  • Spray Nozzle w/Spray tips and Syphon tube (for soap/solution)
  • Garden hose and access to a water faucet
  • Eye Goggles
  • Plastic covering
  • Your Power Washer (where to rent here)

Next, prepare to power wash:

Be sure you don’t just go blasting away! There are steps you will want to take, including:

  • Use plastic covering on any light fixtures, outdoor furniture, shrubbery/flowers, or any outdoor items in the surrounding area to avoid impact damage
  • Close all windows and doors tightly 
  • Pour soap/solution in the 10-20 gallon bucket, placing the siphon tube in it afterward
  • Hook up power washer w/garden hose connected to a water faucet 
  • Prepare Nozzle necessary spray tip, categorized by angle and width.
  • Wear your Goggles!

Power Wash!

  • Turn on the faucet!
  • Spray vertically/horizontally in a steady motion, top to bottom on only the surface intended to be washed, typically 1-2 feet away. Never attempt to spray anyone! Cleaning higher stories may require an additional investment of an extension pole/telescoping wand. (NOTE) Power washing heats the water up! 
  • Let the solution sit for 5-10 min, avoid direct sunlight! 
  • Remove the siphon tube, press the button on the nozzle to remove excess soap/solution, and spray the cleaned surface down again.  

Final Thoughts 

power washing costs

Power Washing is probably the last item on the to-do list, but it should be more of a top priority. Built on grime, mildew, mold, etc., it can cause exterior damage and be costly to repair if overlooked and not treated correctly. 

Plus, on a serious note, power washing is a very dangerous form of cleaning as it can inflict severe damage both to property and to the user due to heavy recoiling from time to time. Make sure proper equipment is worn at all times. 

Honestly, for the number of times you do it and the risk/reward involved, contact a professional to get the job done. Don’t try to save the day, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Get a professional to take a look at your situation! 

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