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Commercial Pressure Washing Buildings – What Does That Entail?

Commercial pressure washing buildings – what does that entail?

Recently, the team at Bright Exterior Cleaning completed a commercial pressure washing job for a reputable saddlery company just outside of horse country, Middleburg, Virginia. Dover Saddlery is the premier vendor for riding apparel, horse tack, and horse-related things!

As you will see below, the commercial building Dover Saddlery operates out of in their Loudoun County location has barn features with a metal roof. Unlike most commercial buildings, we pressure wash; this presented a unique challenge to thoroughly clean the front of the building and the surrounding walkways.

Today, we will share our experience with commercial pressure washing buildings of all types!

Commercial Pressure Washing Buildings!

When it comes to pressure washing and power washing, the terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a crucial difference:

This, coupled with the fact that not all commercial buildings are constructed using the same material, makes each job unique. For example, a softer surface requires extra care compared to a firm surface such as concrete.

We have written extensively about commercial pressure washing, pressure washing prices, power vs. soft washing select surfaces, and roof cleaning here at Bright Exterior Cleaning. Our goal today is to share some photos of a recent project but also answer FAQs many of our commercial clients might find themselves asking!

Photos of Commerical Pressure Washing Buildings

Recent pressure washing project at Dover Saddlery located in Chantilly, Virginia:

This project was such a blast! We enjoyed working abound their busy hours to accommodate the perfect timing to complete their wash project, and the sunset was perfect.

Using our commercial system, we were able to wash the exterior of the building and leave it looking great!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to pressure wash a commercial building?

Depending on the project size, a commercial building can take several hours to pressure/power wash or several days. A 4,000-square-foot building (similar to a single-family home or real estate) can be prepped and pressure-washed in hours.

On the other hand, pressure washing a school, apartment complex, or super-high building can take days and even weeks, depending on the complexity.

Each project requires planning to accommodate busy hours and potential customers/residents. For example, pressure washing at a school will take some strategic planning due to kids entering and leaving the building.

When we pressure wash commercial buildings, we assess how long the total project will take. If it is less than a day, we schedule the job. Anything over a day or that requires special notifications is often done in sections.

How do you pressure wash a high building?

Pressure-washing high buildings can be a challenge for smaller pressure-washing outfits because of the job’s complexity. Luckily the team here at Bright Exterior Cleaning has tackled numerous sizeable commercial cleaning projects and has dealt with taller buildings.

In the case of really tall buildings, a boom lift is a pressure-washing company’s best friend (imagine pressure-washing a water tower!)

A 120′ boom lift with telescoping wands can make buildings as tall as 10 or so stories pressure wash cleaned. Facilities such as corporate office buildings and high rises will require other cleaning forms if they need to be pressure washed.

What does it cost to pressure wash a commercial building?

Depending on the company, location, and scope of work – commercial pressure washing buildings can vary by an hour or by square footage. Luckily with large commercial buildings, the cost goes down per square foot the larger that building gets.

For example, if calculated at $.10 per square foot, a 10,000-square-foot building might cost $1,000 (give or take). Other factors could include the height of the building, the planning, and any potential obstacles. Prices for pressure washing do vary from $.08-$.35 per square foot to $50 an hour or more!

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